Researchers find spiritual experiences energize brain’s reward regions

University of Utah researchers have found that the parts of the human brain that release feelings of euphoria are energized when we have religious experiences like attending a worship service or reading scripture. They claim their research shows that they are the same parts of the brain that are stimulated by drug highs, music, gambling, sex, and... Continue Reading →

When God dethrones the throne of iniquity

God may allow governments to be in power to punish the wicked and protect its citizens (Romans 13). But he also reserves the right to overthrow them should they repeatedly refuse his wishes and he allows people the free will to choose their leaders (1 Samuel 8). Although many around the world have claimed they... Continue Reading →

MSM wants us to believe Trump is wrong on illegals voting

Is anyone actually still listening to the mainstream media (MSM) any more? You know, the ones who told us Hillary would win. The ones who told us she was constantly up in the polls. The ones who deny that terrorism is a Muslim problem. The ones who give us fake news, then falsely accuse others, like... Continue Reading →

Canadian pediatricians concerned marijuana legalization will harm kids

In 2010, the World Health Organization did a study where they discovered that 30% of Canadian kids had tried marijuana before they were 15. It was the highest rate among kids in all of North America and Europe. Canada is now on the cusp of legalizing the recreational use of cannabis nationally. That has pediatricians... Continue Reading →

Rebuking and casting down statements favoring abortion

Is abortion really as complicated as pro-abortionists claim it is? Creationists Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith examine and refute arguments that pro-abortionists use to promote killing unborn humans in the video below, which was released today. In the YouTube video, they highlight how the abortion issue should really be measured against these two questions: Is... Continue Reading →

Did November 2016 Supermoon trigger intense earthquakes?

Although many scientists are denying there is a direct connection between the recent Supermoon and intensified seismic activity simply because they claim not to have enough scientific evidence, I believe we have enough of a pattern to conclude that it is highly likely the Supermoon has, in fact, played a part in increased earthquakes around... Continue Reading →

Liberal students nabbed by police for racist hoaxes blaming Trump

As someone who loves Jesus Christ, I have to say I hate the sin of hatred. I've been targeted by it before and it's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. That's why I feel I must point out recent news stories where some liberal students wishing to stir up hatred and divisiveness perpetrated... Continue Reading →

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