Rapper Snoop Dogg soon to release “gospel” album

When I just came across this in the news online a few minutes ago, I had mixed feelings. I didn't know whether to laugh or get angry. Rapper Snoop Dogg announced in May 2017 he was going to work on a gospel album. He turned out to be serious and is set to release it... Continue Reading →

Christian rapper gets intolerant messages for song exposing gay mentality

Christian rapper Bizzle recently released a song in response to the mass gay wedding ceremony broadcasted at the Grammys. As soon as it was released over the Internet, defenders of the gay lifestyle took to social media and barraged him with hate-filled messages and death threats. Proof once again that they expect us to tolerate... Continue Reading →

Secular hip hop artists are traitors

When I say this, I'm talking only about the ones who use derogatory language to tear people down.  Although I believe racism is inherent in this country because people pass their prejudices down from generation to generation like a cursed family heirloom, hip hop artists who promote the disrespectful thug mentality can be blamed for... Continue Reading →

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