News Corp acquires #1 U.S. Christian publisher

A change may be coming to Christian literature in the near future. News Corp, the empire of New World Order magnate Rupert Murdoch, has bought Thomas Nelson, the top Christian publisher in the U.S. Thomas Nelson was acquired through News Corp subsidiary HarperCollins. Incidentally, News Corp also owns Zondervan, the second largest Christian publisher in... Continue Reading →

Ties that blind: Wicca’s dance with the devil

We are once again in the season of Halloween, an un-holiday I hate because of its occultic overtones. It is one of the most celebrated days for Satanists and witches. Satanists mark it with a human sacrifice while witches celebrate with a sexual sacrifice. The most prominent form of witchcraft in the Western Hemisphere is... Continue Reading →

Iran’s religious leaders admit gospel is growing

Religious leaders in Iran have acknowledged in their public speeches that more young people and families in their nation are being exposed to, and are accepting, the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it has given them grave concern. The Iranian Constitution states in its Article 13 "...Christians, Jews and Zoroastrian minorities are the only recognized... Continue Reading →

Prayer Caucus of TN complains about Vanderbilt Univ.

Vanderbilt University, which has recently targeted Christian student organizations for not abiding by its nondiscrimination policy, was recently sent a letter from the Congressional Prayer Caucus in Tennessee. Vanderbilt's policy was amended in 2010 to state that student organizations registered with the school cannot force its leaders to practice the beliefs of the group. The... Continue Reading →

Survey shows 1 in 4 Christians aren’t living like it

An anonymous quiz given to over 2,000 individuals across the country who claimed to be Christian showed that 25% aren't putting God's word into practice. Change the Face of Christianity, Inc. is the non-profit organization that conducted the survey from January 2011 to July 2011. Ten multiple choice questions were asked of participants and their... Continue Reading →

A nation of prophets, priests, kings, and queens

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that the Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts, "dividing to every man severally as he will. " However, people in Christianity sometimes get caught up in what is deemed as "proper procedure" when an individual wants to exercise their spiritual gift in some way. By that I mean there... Continue Reading →

Saudis attempt to bring all religions under one umbrella

Saudi Arabia is financing a new global initiative in Vienna, Austria to bring together all religions of the world for interfaith dialogue in an attempt to foster world peace. Yes, this is the same Saudi Arabia that persecutes Christians and does not allow freedom of speech especially regarding the preaching of the gospel. This is... Continue Reading →

Hackers claim German govt. created spy Trojan

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), an organization of German hackers, has discovered what they claim is a spy Trojan created by the German government. The Trojan has been released over the internet and according to the CCC the functionality of the malware is available for anyone's use because of its design flaws. The German government... Continue Reading →

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