U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan Reviews Why Dems Are Targeting Atty. Gen. Barr

The House Judiciary Committee had Attorney General Bar testify on Tuesday, July 28, with the main goal of having Democrats use him for target practice because he is investigating to get to the bottom of many of their crooked shenanigans. Those shenanigans include their part in illegally spying on Trump during his campaign by targeting... Continue Reading →

California Psychotherapists Continue Fight Against 2014 Law Requiring Them To Report Child Porn Viewers

In 2017, a California state appeals court threw out a lawsuit filed by psychotherapists who fought against new reporting requirements they were expected to abide by regarding patients they may have who view child porn. In that court's decision, they rightfully stated viewing child porn "is reprehensible, shameful and abhorred by any decent and normal... Continue Reading →

Ohio State University study says violent video games are linked to gun violence

In a clinical trial carried out by Ohio State University to monitor the effects of video games on the actions of kids, it was found that violent video games influenced the behavior of the kids in the study. Researchers experimented with 220 kids aged 8 to 12. They were assigned to play one video game... Continue Reading →

Depression is on the rise, but tools to fight it are easy to find

A recent study by Blue Cross Blue Shield has shown that the number of people with health care insurance who are diagnosed with major depression in America is increasing sharply. Although it is increasing across the board, the increase is most significant for women, teens, and millennials. The statistics were measured from 2013-2016 and showed... Continue Reading →

Reporter’s FOIA request nets government mind control documents

A reporter from MuckRock.com recently submitted a Freedom of Information request to the government and ended up getting more than they bargained for. They were interested in tracking what the government was doing about Antifa and white supremacist groups like Neo-Nazis. The government fulfilled that request, but also gave them a treasure trove of information... Continue Reading →

Does what we view affect how we behave?

That's the question President Trump has stirred up today with his meeting on video games and whether or not they play a part in mass shootings, like the one in Parkland, Florida. Apparently, among all of the other troubles shooter Nikolas Cruz had such as family problems, mental problems, and psychotropic prescription meds, he also... Continue Reading →

Twitter: one of many precursors to manipulation by the future Beast

If you consider Bible prophecy mentioned in Daniel 7:7-28, 8:12-14, 23-27; 11:25-45 and Revelation 12:17-13:16, then look at these Project Veritas videos through the lens of those prophecies, it continues to become clearer how people in the last days will be mentally manipulated. Nothing is as it seems as they lay the groundwork and prepare... Continue Reading →

Canadian study: Increased marijuana use in teens increases psychotic episodes

A four-year Canadian study in Montreal that examined 4,000 teens in 31 high schools in Montreal and its suburbs found that when teens went from occasional marijuana use to weekly or daily use, their psychotic episodes became "more exaggerated and more frequent..." The study was done in light of Canada's plans to legalize recreational use... Continue Reading →

Another Facebook storm brews as leaked document shows they target teens

Targeting teens for ads based on their emotional vulnerabilities. That's what, according to Wired.com, was discovered about Facebook recently in an exposé in The Australian where the publication acquired a leaked in-house Facebook document. In the 23-page document Facebook offered an advertiser the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of access to over 6... Continue Reading →

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