The Right Road to Rewards

When the Lord Jesus Christ sent out his letters to the churches in Revelation, only two of the seven churches did everything right--Smyrna and Philadelphia. Those two churches are shining examples of the traits Christian congregations and individual Christian lives should exhibit. With respect to Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13), the Lord pointed out the following three... Continue Reading →

Lunatic Cringe: Phony, Apostate “Christians” Manipulate to Weaken Churches

Two religious news stories caught my eye today and reminded me just how much idolatry is running rampant among false churches and false "believers" who appear to be Christian in name only. The bigger story deals with the Church of England, which never seems to disappoint if one is looking for a church that promotes... Continue Reading →

Florida Diver’s Rescue Shows God Continues His Miracles in 2023

Florida diver, 22-year-old Dylan Gartenmeyer, and his mother share the story of his miraculous rescue after being swept away off the coast of the Florida Keys. On NBC's Today Show a few days ago, the hostesses gave a recap of the harrowing ordeal that went viral this week and then Dylan and his mother give... Continue Reading →

Does the Bible Promote Spousal Abuse Among Christians?

In November 2022, pastor and Christian apologist Mike Winger released the nine-minute clip below tearing down the notion that the Bible encourages Christian women to tolerate abuse from their husbands or other males. The bottom line is that a genuine Christian husband will not abuse his wife and men who truly possess godly wisdom... Continue Reading →

How the New World Order Infiltrates Religion Via the Climate Change Hoax

Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church released this 1-hour video a few days ago to warn Christians about upcoming initiatives being promoted by the New World Order. As the United Nations climate change summit, COP27, unfolds for the next few days in Egypt, the globalist world leaders there have a plan to infiltrate all religious... Continue Reading →

That Time When Paul Taught Timothy the Importance of Discussing Bible Prophecy

There may be a number of church leaders in our time who are reluctant to preach about Bible prophecy or who avoid tackling it, but prophecy is part of the gospel's package deal. Bible prophecy is intertwined and inseparable from the gospel of Jesus Christ. That spiritual fact is on display in all four gospels... Continue Reading →

Did God Punish Israel & Judah Using Nations More Evil Than Them?

"God sometimes judges nations by using nations more evil than the nation he judges. That's what he did to Israel and Judah." Statements similar to this one are being made quite often in religious circles nowadays. But are such statements true? Does the Bible teach that Assyria and Babylon were more wicked than Israel and... Continue Reading →

Florida School District Reverses Decision to Censor the Bible

At the end of September, the Escambia County Public Schools superintendent decided to restrict access to the Bible in its schools. The decision was made after unnamed person or persons made accusations that the Bible "promotes sexism, sex, violence, genocide, slavery, rape and bestiality." Of course, none of that is true, but it's a typical... Continue Reading →

Our Concerns Over God’s Plan for Nations Can Bring Divine Encouragement

The prophet Daniel's humility put him in a position of favor with the Lord. Having lived through being violently taken captive from Judah as a child by Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel eventually was blessed to serve as a top government official under his captors. When he reached old age, he witnessed God's prophecies come to pass about... Continue Reading →

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