Isaiah’s vision of resurrection and rapture

Centuries before Jesus Christ gave us an idea of things that would occur in the last days, or the apostle Paul gave us a glimpse of the Lord's return in the letters to the Thessalonians, or John gave us his Revelation of the end of days, Isaiah had a vision from the Lord that outlines what would happen in... Continue Reading →

CW’s “Reaper”–serving Satan is chic and cool

This fall's television lineup on the CW includes a new show, Reaper, that will make light of Satan and what he does.  The premise of the show is that two parents in suburbia sell the soul of their son to the devil.  When the devil comes calling to collect on what he is owed, he puts... Continue Reading →

Will Syria go to war with Israel this year?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated Wednesday in Israel that he believes that Syria does not want war, just as Israel is not interested in war.  He also said he would be willing to talk to Syrian President Assad if the opportunity presented itself.  However, Syria's President believes Israel wants war despite what Olmert says... Continue Reading →

Evolutionists discover they were wrong, again

By now, everyone has heard of the discovery in Kenya that Homo habilis fossils were found near Homo erectus fossils.  They were discovered to have co-existed for thousands of years.  This blows their theory right out of the water that the two were millions of years apart --that is, if you believe in such things as Homo habilis... Continue Reading →

Five reasons why so many churchgoers are fat

Long before the majority of American society became overweight, you could go to many churches and see that a large number of churchgoers were obese.  Why is that?  Well, I have five theories about that based on my observations. Reason #1:  A lot of churchgoers think it's God's job to preserve their health.  I believe that some... Continue Reading →

Alfred Kinsey: godfather of promiscuity

Alfred Kinsey was a researcher on human sexuality from the 1930s until his death in 1956.  He grew up in a strict Methodist household and later rebelled against all things Christian because of his failed relationship with his father and chose to be an atheist.  Kinsey received his doctor of science degree (Sc.D) from Harvard in... Continue Reading →

Is the apostle Paul one of the 12 disciples?

Having grown up going to church, I have often been taught by Sunday School teachers, preachers, and pastors that the apostle Paul was the real replacement for Judas Iscariot among the 12 disciples.  Part of their reasoning was that he had such an impact on the first century church with his missionary journeys and has influenced the... Continue Reading →

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