MSM wants us to believe Trump is wrong on illegals voting

Is anyone actually still listening to the mainstream media (MSM) any more? You know, the ones who told us Hillary would win. The ones who told us she was constantly up in the polls. The ones who deny that terrorism is a Muslim problem. The ones who give us fake news, then falsely accuse others, like... Continue Reading →

Raising Kaine?: why “they” really, really hate Trump

From unfounded criticisms for speaking the truth about how ISIS became more than a JV team to equating racism with securing the border, NWO globalists, their media puppets, and their politicians in both American political parties really, really wish to brainwash Americans into hating Trump. After all, Trump is not only a person, but a symbol... Continue Reading →

Will Trump make a mistake with his pick for vice president?

Political columnist and news commentator Ann Coulter, who has been right on the money thus far with her support for Trump and her reasons for that support, has expressed concerns in her latest column over Trump's campaign consultants and the advice they're giving the controversial presidential candidate. According to her, they are pressuring Donald Trump... Continue Reading →

Quick quotes from Donald Trump on the campaign trail

Here are some snippets from Donald Trump in Syracuse on the morning of Saturday, April 16 (see the one-hour video below for complete context): "We're going to bring our country back together... African-American, White, every person. Old, young, men, women. We're going to bring people together... I'm someone who gets along with people--all people...We're going... Continue Reading →

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