Sexualization of children has arrived & must be firmly resisted

Twelve years ago, I did a post about a social science college professor I had in the early 1990s who was a gay activist. He laid out the goals for society he and other gay activists were trying to push in North America and other places. That post was called "Look out, heteros! Gay rights... Continue Reading →


Atheist’s Kentucky school shooting drives student-led prayers across the state

The teenage male shooter at Marshall County High School was an atheist who admired Stalin, according to screenshots of his now-deleted social media account(s) being distributed across the Internet. Nevertheless, his heinous act of killing two schoolmates and injuring over a dozen others has prompted student-led prayers across the Bible Belt state with school staff... Continue Reading →

Non-profit organization fully funds Bible elective course in Chattanooga

It's encouraging when parts of the US known as the "Bible Belt" remain true to that nickname. Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of those places. Privately-funded non-profit organization Bible in the Schools, located in that city, just gave the Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE) in Chattanooga $1 million to take care of all expenses for... Continue Reading →

Kentucky governor signs law incorporating Bible as social studies elective

A law allowing the Bible to be included as a topic for social studies electives will take effect in Kentucky this Friday, June 30, after Kentucky's governor, Matt Bevin, signed a bill passed by both houses of the Kentucky legislature. School boards around the state will take part in helping craft curricula to establish parameters... Continue Reading →

Christian school ordered to ban offensive Bible verses

The school board in the small town of Battle River, Alberta, in Canada is attempting to bully Cornerstone Christian Academy into dropping any teachings about any Bible verses that may be offensive to anyone. John Carpay, an attorney with Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, a Canadian constitutional law non-profit, is taking up the legal battle... Continue Reading →

Angry mom wants kindergarten teacher fired for having Ouija board seance in class

"He's scared now to go to bed at night, to be in the dark, anything alone," a Milwaukee mom has stated of her 5-yr-old kindergartener who has been having nightmares thanks to his teacher. Around Halloween 2016, the kindergarten teacher (according to an email she sent the mother) brought in a Ouija board to the classroom.... Continue Reading →

‘Graphic crucifixion scenes may not be good for your mental health,’ warns university

Over concerns that depictions of Christ's violent trial and crucifixion might send their theology students into a mental breakdown, the University of Glasgow (Scotland) is issuing warnings to Bible students to beware of such images should they take a course entitled "Creation to Apocalypse: Introduction to the Bible (Level 1)." University staff feel it's necessary... Continue Reading →

God gifts 7-yr-old girl to inspire with Bible verses and music

Jesus once said, quoting Psalm 8:2, that out of the mouth of babes God has perfected praise. Seven-year-old Sydney Hopson of Conway, Arkansas, is living proof of that scripture. When Sydney was 5, her grandmother gave her 26 Bible verses to choose from for her to memorize one of them from the King James Version.... Continue Reading →

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