CBN News Exposes Tactics of Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Clubs

In an effort to draw attention to themselves, the Satanic Temple continues to make attempts to be accepted as a legitimate after school program using their After School Satan Clubs. CBN News did this 7-minute report today on their attempts, the response from communities, and the worldwide successes of the Good News Clubs that are... Continue Reading →

School Board Bans Bothersome Books in Wilson County, Tennessee

The newly-elected conservative majority Wilson County School Board in Tennessee appears to be taking their job very seriously after voters reflected a backlash against the liberal mindset that has influenced school systems. In their meeting this week, the board got down to the business of banning two books from the two high schools in their... Continue Reading →

After School Satan Club at Elementary School in Tehachapi, California, Angers Parents

The Satanic Temple (TST) recently started an After School Satan Club (ASSC) at Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, California, and many parents aren't happy about it. The club was started to oppose the Good News Club after school activities. A U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2001 ruled in favor of allowing the evangelical Good... Continue Reading →

Florida School District Reverses Decision to Censor the Bible

At the end of September, the Escambia County Public Schools superintendent decided to restrict access to the Bible in its schools. The decision was made after unnamed person or persons made accusations that the Bible "promotes sexism, sex, violence, genocide, slavery, rape and bestiality." Of course, none of that is true, but it's a typical... Continue Reading →

“In God We Trust”: National Motto Displays Make a Comeback in Texas Schools

A recent law has taken effect in Texas, thanks to the state's Republicans. The law mandates the U.S. national motto "In God We Trust" to be displayed in any and every school where a private citizen or group donates said display to the school. Now a group of Republican women in the state, as well... Continue Reading →

ACLJ’s Sekulows: US Supreme Court Backing Funds for Religious Schools Elevates First Amendment

Jay and Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) give a five-minute synopsis of the major US Supreme Court decision released today. The lawsuit originated with parents in Maine who sought to fund their children's educations to private religious schools using the state's school voucher funds. Maine blocked them from using... Continue Reading →

School Trustee in British Columbia Battles Gender Ideology in Public Schools

School trustee Barry Neufeld is a public school trustee in Chilliwack, B.C. and has served in that capacity for five years. A Mennonite who is descended from Russians who fled the Communist takeover, Neufeld has been battling the cancel culture from the moment parents elected him to the office. He made it clear while he... Continue Reading →

UK Pastor Was Victim of Indirect Religious Discrimination at School, Tribunal Rules

"Beliefs which are offensive, shocking or even disturbing to others can still be protected" in a democratic society, wrote Judge Sarah King of the Cambridge Employment Tribunal in her ruling in favor of a pastor who was forced out of his job at Isle of Ely Primary School in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Keith Waters, the 55-year-old... Continue Reading →

“Not today, Satan,” says Pennsylvania school board to the idea of After School Satan Club

The Northern York County School District board in York County, Pennsylvania, has denied the request of the Satanic Temple to host an After School Satan Club at Northern Elementary School. The two-hour meeting on the night of April 19 drew hundreds of attendees. The board voted 8-1 against the proposal made by a local mother... Continue Reading →

Good Godly Religion Often Pays Off in Academic Achievements

Ilana Horwitz, an assistant professor at Tulane University, recently released a book that notes her findings in a study of students that she did. When she examined the students' lifestyles, Horwitz discovered that "young people who pray and attend church regularly, see religion as very important and believe in God with absolute certainty are more... Continue Reading →

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