Tackling the “Who created God?” question

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--the Christian faith is a faith that calls for reasoning. Throughout scripture we find worshipers of Jehovah in both the Old Testament and New Testament spent time with the Lord to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. This provided them with the God-given ability to reason with others... Continue Reading →

Maintaining righteousness in the midst of wickedness

When the wicked gain strength in any environment, the tendency in that environment will lean towards allowing more wickedness to occur. The lowering of moral standards and looseness in conduct will expand. This is the warning we are taught in Proverbs 29:16 which states, When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall... Continue Reading →

Atheist’s Kentucky school shooting drives student-led prayers across the state

The teenage male shooter at Marshall County High School was an atheist who admired Stalin, according to screenshots of his now-deleted social media account(s) being distributed across the Internet. Nevertheless, his heinous act of killing two schoolmates and injuring over a dozen others has prompted student-led prayers across the Bible Belt state with school staff... Continue Reading →

China aspires to be number one in gene editing

China is moving at breakneck speed when it comes to genetic engineering--specifically gene editing using CRISPR. Their clinical trials have already altered the genes of 86 people, thanks to China's soft regulations when it comes to experimenting on humans. I wonder if that has to anything to do with the devaluing of human life typical... Continue Reading →

Reinhard Bonnke demonstrates how a false baptism leads people to confess a false Christ.

Church Watch Central exposes the fallacy of a second, separate “baptism in the spirit” & the mindset/intention behind it.

ChurchWatch Central

There’s an ongoing pattern with those who teach that Christians must receive a spiritual (second) baptism. Reinhard Bonnke is recognized as an NAR Apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation cult and C. Peter Wagner would categorize him as an ‘hyphenated apostle’: apostolic/evangelist. In this article we look at who Reinhard Bonnke confesses Christ to be.

You can read Bonnke’s article, linked below, stressing the importance of a second baptism, known as the ‘baptism in the spirit’.


If you understand what NARpostle Bonnke is emphasizing, you will soon realize he’s not pushing a Pentecostal teaching – rather it’s a teaching found in the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) cult that elevates the spirit and faith of man to a form of divinity that warps the biblical teachings of anthropology, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the gospel, the church and the end times.


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#ReleaseTheMemo demand grows while MSM blames Russia or buries the story

Congress just passed a FISA Reauthorization Act allowing government agencies like the NSA and FBI to spy on innocent Americans all over again in ways similar to what they did under George W. Bush and Obama that was exposed by Edward Snowden (remember him?). Rand Paul and other Senators raised red flags about the new... Continue Reading →

Trump’s HHS seeks to preserve religious rights of medical workers

President Trump and members of his administration have been paying attention to what had been going on with the religious rights of medical workers during the Obama administration as well as what has been going on in other nations as medical professionals are targeted for their faith. Who can forget how Obama attempted to force... Continue Reading →

Vegan activists attempt to shame Aussie meat-eaters

Vegan animal activists from a group in Australia named Anonymous for the Voiceless in recent months have been going to popular grocery stores in Australia to place stickers on meat products in an attempt to shame meat-eaters. The creator of the stickers, a guy named Kaj McBeth, denies being the one who illegally put the stickers... Continue Reading →

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