Science compliments the Bible

Science, or systematized knowledge, is often assumed to be at odds with faith and more specifically at odds with the Bible and the God of the Bible.  This is the false assumption that evolutionary scientists have promoted for years with the hope of making the scientific methods and principles of their opponents appear as if... Continue Reading →

A few praises for Yahweh’s many virtues

Lord God, I give you glory, honor, and praise for your works of righteousness that bring peace in the hearts of your worshippers.  You are the faithful God who erases my sins and gives me brand new mercies every morning.  I worship you because in my hour of distress, I called out to you and you heard... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Ayatollah says terrorists will acquire nukes

Iran's highest leader, Ayatollah Khameini, stated last week that terrorists will eventually get their hands on nuclear weapons, according to a report by Terrence P. Jeffrey of  At a celebration marking the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, who led a revolution to overthrow the Shah and whose followers took American hostages in the process, Khameini... Continue Reading →

God’s “NO TRESPASSING” sign over Israel

I recently read blogs from two people on why the nation of Israel should not exist and the bloggers here and here gave their reasons which would sound valid to someone who is not educated to the whole of scripture.  Their reasons for their positions were as follows: 1.  The nation of Israel is not a fulfillment... Continue Reading →

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