Word of Faith church in North Carolina exposed as a cult

In 1979, math teacher Jane Whaley and her former used car salesman husband, Sam, started Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, North Carolina as co-pastors. Jane's charismatic and seemingly caring personality quickly drew in people as the ministry focused on helping drug addicts and other down-and-outers. As the church grew by leaps and bounds, Jane's... Continue Reading →

Bad boy gone good: how & why God forgave a murderous occultist

Manasseh, the king of Judah and son of the righteous king Hezekiah, must have had some type of "daddy issues." In spite of him witnessing how his father's righteousness had made Judah become the most prosperous it had ever been, including technological advances (2 Kings 20:20), Manasseh rebelled against everything his father did and reversed... Continue Reading →

Better to be an atheist than a Catholic hypocrite, says Pope Francis

In a private morning mass held in his residence on February 23, Pope Francis added to his long list of controversial statements. Expressing regret for all the hypocrisy that takes place in the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope drew the conclusion that people who call themselves Catholic--boasting about their involvement in Catholic associations, regular mass... Continue Reading →

German survey: majority don’t want to know the future

According to a recent study by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany of over 2,000 people in Germany and Spain, most people surveyed would prefer not to have their future revealed to them. Forty to 70% said they would feel better not knowing about positive developments that the future held for them. Over... Continue Reading →

Islamist becomes Christian when told about Christ’s power to heal sick son

According to the underground Christian ministry Bibles for Mideast, they were recently told about the testimony of an Islamist in South Asia who, along with his family, converted to confess the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. The man had for years made his living by transporting people around on his rickshaw. In 2006 and... Continue Reading →

Atheist claims to be force of good as she invokes Satan

The fact that militant atheism is most likely just a ruse to reel the rebellious in to do a bait-and-switch into Satanism has become rather obvious in the past couple of years thanks to various Satanist groups. I referred to these spiritual ties five years ago when I pointed out how atheists were enamored with... Continue Reading →

Scientists shocked to find dinosaur egg incubation like reptiles, not birds

Florida State University's Dr. Gregory Erickson working with a team of scientists from the University of Calgary and the American Museum of Natural History recently released a surprising discovery they made after examining fossilized dinosaur embryos. By determining the age of the embryos upon measuring embryonic teeth rings (which are similar to measuring tree rings to find... Continue Reading →

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