Satanist, gang-banging, drug-addicted cutter finds Christ & new life

Ulisses Sanchez, a Mexican immigrant in Des Moines, Iowa, can recall a time not too long ago when he lived life in the streets as a gang-banging tough guy. He joined the gang at 14 for protection at his school and kept his dark life a secret from his parents. At the age of 11... Continue Reading →

Teens who drink with parents still abuse alcohol

Results of a study by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has proven wrong a common view held today.  It has often been thought that teens who drink with their parents are not prone to abuse alcohol as they get older, but this new study shows that thinking is incorrect.  In fact, teens... Continue Reading →

To drink or not to drink? That’s the question.

This question highlights a long-standing controversy within Christian circles.  I was raised being told it was a sin to drink alcohol.  Then I searched the scriptures and discovered that drinking alcoholic beverages wasn't a sin, drinking too much of it in order to get drunk was the actual sin. I was also told time and... Continue Reading →

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