Dutch doctors oppose assisted suicide for the healthy who are tired of living

The Dutch Doctors Federation, an organization of 59,000 physicians and medical students, has expressed their opposition to a proposed law that would allow the elderly who aren't at death's door to get doctor-assisted suicide simply because they feel there's nothing left for them to accomplish in life. The health and justice ministers who submitted the... Continue Reading →

Prosperity televangelist Ernest Angley ordered to pay wages swindled from workers

Televangelist Ernest Angley, 95, has been ordered by a federal court in Ohio to pay back wages to employees of his Cathedral Buffet. U.S. District Judge Benita Pearson finally handed down a $388,000 judgment against Angley for damages & unpaid wages on Wednesday, March 29 months after a trial that took place in October and... Continue Reading →

God didn’t save me to co-sign anyone’s crazy

Voices continue to grow louder and louder for the church to ignore sin, omit passing godly judgment on wrongdoing, and just accept all kinds of behavior with fake love to make people feel accepted and loved without urging repentance. After all (according to the world) isn't that what Jesus taught? Although many congregations have bought... Continue Reading →

Is Apple co-conspirator with or victim of Big Brother?: WikiLeaks drops more Vault 7 docs

Have you seen this catchy, humorous commercial about Apple's iPad Pro? Although the above TV ad from Apple reassures you the iPad Pro is immune to PC malware, the second volley of WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents shows there is something more insidious hidden in Apple's various devices. According to WikiLeaks, the CIA has apparently found... Continue Reading →

Thieves die after stealing from dead church leader: curse or coincidence?

In September 2016, Charles Chiriseri and his wife, Petunia, were on their way to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, when they were in a horrific accident that took his life and severely injured his wife. Mr. Chiriseri was a well-known "apostle." While his body lay at the crash scene with people and first responders gathered around, the unthinkable... Continue Reading →

Texas school board wins appeal to allow student-led prayers

Since 1997, the Birdville Independent School District near Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has allowed students to open their school board meetings with a statement. Often those statements turn out to be prayers in the name of Jesus. That didn't sit well with a gay atheist high school student (who has now graduated) so the American Humanist... Continue Reading →

Six years a slave: who St. Patrick really was

Saint Patrick's Day is upon us once again as yet another holiday promoting Catholicism, pagan superstitions, and drunkenness. The real Patrick, a saint from the British isles who sparked a gospel revival in Ireland, would be appalled to see how his name is misused in the festivities bearing his name today. As a reminder, here... Continue Reading →

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