Forget what you heard, dinosaurs didn’t become birds

If you've ever taken a class covering dinosaurs, you know one of the theories about their disappearance is that some of them evolved into birds.  But a close look at bird anatomy says differently. The respiratory system of birds is rather unique.  Mammals, amphibians, and reptiles have a two-way lung system.  When air is taken... Continue Reading →

Unity–but at what cost?

I recently watched a Christian conference on a Christian station where a dynamic speaker with a military background urged Christians to get together and unite since we are facing some strong enemies coming against us at this time in history.  He implied it was high time to set aside our differences and doctrines to rally... Continue Reading →

Liberal media’s attacks on Michelle Bachmann

Hmmm.... So let me get this straight. (Yes, pun intended). ABC News (or shall I say ABC Skews?) paraded health professionals on their broadcast who claim that ministries like the one Michelle Bachmann's husband are involved in are harmful to homosexuals for urging homosexuals to leave the lifestyle. I guess instead of urging homosexuals to... Continue Reading →

What the newly-signed trucking agreement with Mexico means

Well, the news outlets have done it once again.  While they had us preoccupied with the Casey Anthony case and other news, they barely, if at all, mentioned the U.S.-Mexico trucking agreement signed yesterday in Mexico City by US and Mexican officials.  The agreement ends a standoff both sides have had since NAFTA took effect in... Continue Reading →

Taking photos of crash in her front yard lands woman in jail

On the night of Sunday, July 3, 65-year-old Massachusetts resident Judith Davis-Scott heard a car come crashing into her front yard and it ended up in her driveway. As any homeowner is told to do by their insurance company, Mrs. Davis-Scott grabbed her Nikon camera to photograph the damage to her property. Massachusetts State Police... Continue Reading →

Divinely doubleminded?: Bible contradictions debunked

A great number of well-educated secular academics find great pleasure in attacking God's word to convert others, especially those with Christian backgrounds, to their atheist/agnostic mindset.  One of their main tools is to highlight what seem to be contradictory or erroneous statements written in the Bible.  But careful observation and research prove neither God nor... Continue Reading →

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