Chipping Away at COVID Tyranny: Video Highlights From Senator Ron Johnson’s Hearing

Over the past two years, coronavirus and the response to it have been, in my opinion, one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the world's population. People with unsavory ulterior motives have profited from it for the sake of their love of money at the expense of human lives, including the Chinese Communists, the WHO,... Continue Reading →

He Certainly Doesn’t Seem Racist or Sexist To Me

The lying mainstream media keeps claiming Donald Trump refuses to disavow racism and is, therefore, racist. And they often throw in cries of sexism against him as an added bonus. But history has proven them wrong. The race card and/or sexism card that liberals and the extreme left love to play during election years is... Continue Reading →

How Big Tech Social Media Promotes Evil and Restricts Good

The world was in shock about a month ago when 39 dead migrants were found in a semi tractor trailer, a lorry, in the UK. According to the Telegraph, the investigation into what contributed to the incident has uncovered how social media big tech companies have turned a blind eye to human trafficking criminal enterprises... Continue Reading →

Inconvenient Truths about Ulterior Motives in the Elite Ruling Class

I admit I'm biased. I'm a firm believer that the United States, since its founding in 1776, is the best nation on the planet, thanks mostly to the Biblical principles on which it was founded. Those values still have great influence in our society, persuading many of us to strive to right wrongs and push... Continue Reading →

When rulers overestimate themselves, God’s judgment is sure to follow

The era leading up to Judah's Babylonian captivity was overwhelmingly corrupt. There were many warning signs that typified their downward spiral. If we study them, we can see the same things happening in our world today. Isaiah pointed out a lot of the warning signs by God's direction and offered Judah several opportunities to repent,... Continue Reading →

Hidden messages are why Christians need to stay alert

In case you hadn't noticed, we're living in times where people love to muddy the waters with subtle messages to churn up F.E.A.R.--False Evidence Appearing Real. Many times those messages can be coded and presented in seemingly innocent ways. This is what fans of Marvel Comics experienced recently when an Indonesian graphic novel artist slipped... Continue Reading →

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