Jihadist church robbers in Germany get prison time

A trial that began in Cologne, Germany, in October 2015 has finally ended with prison time for a gang of eight Muslim men, aged 35 to 37, who executed a series of church robberies for their jihad. At the center of the gang was a Moroccan man who was featured in a YouTube video calling... Continue Reading →

When the stars align for God’s judgment

In Biblical prophecies about the last days, the Lord uses celestial bodies prominently in his judgments. Whether it's the sun, moon, stars, or other objects in space, they will be used by God to send a message. Why is that? We find in the scriptures that God often correlates his judgments to specific sins as... Continue Reading →

Forsaking just laws praises the wicked: Peña Nieto’s example

Mexico's President Peña Nieto has provided us with yet another example of the entitlement mentality from the left. Peña Nieto had planned to meet President Trump in Washington DC, but cancelled those plans when it became clear President Trump was resolved to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Peña Nieto has... Continue Reading →

Satanic Temple’s Baphomet statue plans get Arkansas hearing

Amidst protests in Arkansas' capital city against it, officials in Arkansas have granted a legislative committee hearing on the Satanic Temple's plans to erect a Baphomet statue on the grounds of the Arkansas Capitol Building. The New York organization came up with the plan after state legislators passed a law allowing a monument of the... Continue Reading →

Are the end times a scary topic for church leaders?

Author & minister Diane Hoffmann says she has noticed something about a lot of churches. A large number of church leaders avoid discussing the end times with churchgoers or the unchurched despite the fact many have questions about it. Among the reasons given for avoidance of the topic are: Church leaders believe the Bible should... Continue Reading →

Australian church is stripped of its charitable status over its politics

A well-known charismatic pastor in Australia, Danny Nalliah, who is originally from Sri Lanka, has had his church's charitable status revoked in light of his outspoken political dealings in the last several years. The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission took issue with Catch the Fire Ministries when Nalliah asked his congregants to make political donations... Continue Reading →

Digital images become perfect tool for biometric hacking

In 2014, a hacker made news when he was able to use electronic images of Germany's Defense Minister to recreate a thumbprint and accurate retinal image that could be used to hack biometric authentication. All he needed were high resolution images taken with a digital camera and off-the-shelf software.  A study recently done in Japan... Continue Reading →

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