Dumping Disney: Tucker Carlson’s Take on Hubris & Impositions of a “Woke” Crony Corporation

A few days ago, Tucker Carlson explained the recent backlash against mega-corporation Disney. The ongoing dust-up was sparked when gay rights activists pressured Disney heads at the headquarters in California to declare war against Florida over Florida's legislation that bans authority figures in schools from talking about their sex lives, sex and sexuality, and "gender... Continue Reading →

If Netflix is ‘Entertainer of the Year’, what does that say about us?

The Associated Press (AP), a news cooperative where most news outlets get their news reports from, has voted online entertainment content provider Netflix their "Entertainer of the Year." They awarded Netflix partly because they gave traditional entertainment companies like Disney and HBO a run for their money by doing some innovative things in 2018. But... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s Vigilant Christian warns about Christian musicians

YouTube's Vigilant Christian expresses his disappointment over Christian artists Tori Kelly & Lecrae compromising with the world to gain fame. It came to his attention recently that Tori Kelly has scheduled a concert at the Masonic Temple in Detroit and he shares scripture to warn Christians about being in a lukewarm state when we defend... Continue Reading →

Does what we view affect how we behave?

That's the question President Trump has stirred up today with his meeting on video games and whether or not they play a part in mass shootings, like the one in Parkland, Florida. Apparently, among all of the other troubles shooter Nikolas Cruz had such as family problems, mental problems, and psychotropic prescription meds, he also... Continue Reading →

Chance the Rapper likes being called “Christian,” just don’t call his music that

If you saw this logo plastered as a warning all over my blog, yet I claimed to be a Christian while I use explicit language, would you really believe me? Using Chance the Rapper as an example, apparently I would be. And the so-called "Christian" media would praise me and tell me how well I... Continue Reading →

Why do Christians encourage hypocrisy of secular artists?: Bieber & Kanye

When the saints of God pray, sing praises, or talk praises to the Lord, the Bible calls it a sacrifice of praise (Jer. 33:11; Heb. 13:15). It's an important part of our covenant relationship with him. So when I see people making fun of it, in ignorance or deliberately, it rubs me the wrong way. This... Continue Reading →

“Lucifer”comes to TV- Is he the morning star or son of the morning?

Sean Anthony, radio host & blogger, wrote this very timely post on his “Flow of Wisdom” blog that exposes the lies not only spread in the world, but unfortunately in the church as well.


FOX has a new TV show called “Lucifer” premiering this week.  During the broadcast on Flow Of Wisdom today, I shared an excerpt of the trailer.

Now the excerpt was to point out the deception not only in the television show referring to Lucifer as the morning star, but also the deception in different translations of the Bible.

Today, many bible toting self-professing Christians read different translations of the bible because most would say it’s “too difficult to read the King James Version.”

In the trailer below, beginning at :55 a female character says to the main character,  “Lucifer morning star, is that a stage name? He responds, ” God-given I’m afraid.”

This is the deception I would like to point out.

In the King James Version of the scriptures, it clearly states that Christ is the “morning star” in Revelation 22:16 and Lucifer is the “son of the morning” in…

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Would a true Christian really murder someone?

That's a question that should probably be addressed since Hitler made news again today thanks to ultra-liberal/non-Christian actress Whoopi Goldberg on "The View." Since it's a show I as a man would never waste my time watching, I found out about it through perusing headlines today. Goldberg and her co-hosts launched into a discussion about... Continue Reading →

Secular rapper Young Jeezy continues blasphemy with latest single, “God”

To follow up on his blasphemous hip hop hit from last year, "Holy Ghost", (which prompted a lawsuit from T. D. Jakes) secular rapper Young Jeezy has released a new single entitled "God" to blaspheme our Creator even more. I guess this guy doesn't want to be outdone by Kanye West in the blasphemy category.... Continue Reading →

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