The Vatican Gives Well-Wishes To Buddhists During Buddhist Feast

In the Vatican's continual efforts to unite all religions under one umbrella, Pope Francis and his Pontifical Council continued the annual tradition of sending encouragement to Buddhists as they celebrate a Buddhist holiday. The annual feast of Vesakh/Hanamatsuri is commemorated by Buddhists to celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. May 26 was the... Continue Reading →

Purging from converging with the Emerging Church’s view of ‘God’

"Christianity in its institutional forms has really been a dualist religion, meaning always seeing the world in terms of good and evil, us and them, in and out; you know--black and white... always seeing the world in very binary terms. ...Eastern religion has held out that there's something beyond dualism." -- Brian McLaren gushing about... Continue Reading →

Former Buddhist shows that upbringing doesn’t necessarily determine your outcome

"Well, you're just a Christian because you grew up in a Christian home. If you grew up in a home with another religion, you probably wouldn't even be a Christian." That happens to be a line I've been told several times when I've shared the gospel with an unbeliever or defended the Christian faith to... Continue Reading →

Brilliant plagiarists: the path to one world religion

Are all religions essentially the same? Do passages in the Bible match what appears in Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, and other scriptures of other religions? If one were to listen to some religious leaders today, one would think so. But these are false assumptions because they tend to overlook two important facts regarding the scriptures of... Continue Reading →

Think Buddhists are peace-loving & kind? This may change your mind

I have done posts in the past about the false teachings of Buddhism and got responses that Buddhists only seek peace and are kind to others, even if the religion of others is different from theirs. But they pretend as if Buddhists never persecute others when in fact they do persecute people of other religions.... Continue Reading →

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