Despite logistics challenges, Bible translations had stellar year in 2014

According to a new report by the United Bible Societies, 2014 most likely was a record-setting year for the number of new Bible translations in new languages. It was printed in 51 new languages covering 1.3 billion people. But it wasn't without it's challenges. Two challenges came in two African nations--Liberia and Nigeria. In Liberia,... Continue Reading →

Judge backs Kentucky printer’s refusal to print pro-gay T-shirts

A Christian printing company in Kentucky was backed by a judge in state court over its refusal to print pro-gay T-shirts for a gay pride event. His decision reversed an October 2014 human rights commission decision that found the printing company in violation of the rights of the gay rights group that submitted a complaint... Continue Reading →

‘Human ancestor’ Lucy has baboon bone, calling evolutionists into question

Evolutionary scientists are being called into question again over just how they really conduct their research. While creationists have long expressed doubt over the so-called "Lucy" discovery--since it's so fragmentary and the popular museum display relies on artists' renderings of what they think Lucy may have looked like--evolutionary scientists swore up and down for years... Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham warns Muslim immigrants in the West may prompt new Holocaust

For some reason, WordPress has blocked my attempts to reblog this when I use the 'reblog' button, so I'm reblogging this post by Michael Allen from Creeping Sharia using the old fashioned copy and paste functions.  This was reposted by Creeping Sharia from the Opposing Views website. This Holocaust that Mr. Graham warns us about will... Continue Reading →

Gay TSA male officer gets help from female coworker to grope males at airport security

At Denver's airport, a homosexual male TSA officer and a female TSA officer have both been fired after an anonymous letter tipped off higher ups that they conspired together to set up male passengers to be groped by the gay guy. When the gay officer saw a man that he thought was attractive, he would... Continue Reading →

UN reports on progress of infusing educational systems with globalist agenda

Last week, the UN's educational division, UNESCO, reported on how far the organization has come in getting educational systems in nations around the globe to adopt their educational policies and programs. Under the guise of promoting "quality education" to all children around the world regardless of their socioeconomic status, the educational goals from the UN's... Continue Reading →

1 whoremonger priest + 1 murder suspect priest = 2 new Vatican scandals

The Roman Catholic priesthood seems to continually be a magnet for scandals. While it's class on exorcism continues to rise in popularity, it seems to be unable to exorcise the devils wreaking havoc among the priestly ranks. The separate cases of two priests in Italy have once again proven how accurate the book of Revelation... Continue Reading →

1000+ scientific studies confirm what believers already knew–prayer brings healing

Belief in God can help you live a happier and healthier life, according to medical research compiled from about 1500 studies done at reputable hospitals and universities across the U.S. But we Bible believers have known this for years because we know God is true to his word and many of us have witnessed it... Continue Reading →

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