Standing for God in a deeply corrupt society

Auburn, Indiana-- A small church is drawing the ire of some people in their community for displaying a sign telling homosexuals to repent. The sign says, "LGBTQ is a hate crime against God, repent." The Remnant Fellowship Church (RFC) began in April with the determination to "stand apart from the last days apostate church and... Continue Reading →


The end times rape culture

No one deserves to be raped, whether female or male, child or adult, incarcerated prisoner or law abiding citizen roaming free. It's just as wrong for a female to rape a male as it is for a male to rape a female regardless the age or status of the victim. Thanks to various women's movements... Continue Reading →

WWII spy dossier confirms Hitler was gay

The fact Hitler was homosexual often gets buried behind the fact he killed thousands of homosexuals, but his sexual proclivities, which have been known for awhile, resurfaced in a report today when recently a WWII spy dossier shared among Allied forces was (re?)released. The dossier basically confirms what author Scott Lively covered in his book... Continue Reading →

Young men who desire womanhood are often depressed & drug-addicted

A study of 16-29-year-old men done in Chicago and Boston under an HIV prevention program found that these young men who were "transitioning" to become females commonly dealt with being depressed and wrestled with substance abuse. There were 298 participants in the study and all were involved in sexually risky behaviors (which is the PC... Continue Reading →

Speaking the truth in love to warn about a dangerous sexual practice

As a Christian, I love people enough to try to be Biblically honest and open about even some of the most sensitive subjects. I've noticed that many times people will hate you for speaking the truth in love. They would rather not be made to feel uncomfortable so the lies they embrace that help them... Continue Reading →

Evangelist Ray Comfort uses topic of homosexuality as an intro to witness for Jesus

To promote the crowdfunded movie "Audacity", which depicts how a Christian lovingly witnesses to homosexuals, Living Waters ministries recently released videos of evangelist Ray Comfort witnessing to young people on or near a college campus about their need for Jesus by getting their views on homosexuality. Different people of God have different "operations" or methods... Continue Reading →

T. D. Jakes: Homosexuals should find gay-friendly churches to affirm their lifestyle

Given that TV preacher T.D. Jakes denies the Trinity, claiming the Apostolic denomination false doctrine of "Jesus only", it should be no surprise that he is now speaking in favor of accepting that gay is ok. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jakes claimed that even Paul the apostle was not 100% convinced one... Continue Reading →

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