Was resurrection taught in the Old Testament or is it just a New Testament doctrine?

Some well-known Bible scholars and many Bible critics believe resurrection was not in the Old Testament (OT) or that it was mentioned very vaguely and wasn't definitive until the New Testament (NT) because of Jesus. The term resurrection can be applied in two ways. Firstly, it can mean that someone is raised from the dead back... Continue Reading →


God places his people on a path that shines brighter through time

Because of the law of entropy (second law of thermodynamics), every physical light in the universe has a tendency to use up its energy over time and will eventually expire--whether it be a star or a torch or a light bulb. But the Bible tells us of a type of light that does the opposite of... Continue Reading →

Shroud of Turin (Jesus ‘burial cloth’) a prop for medieval Easter ceremonies, says historian

British historian Charles Freeman claims that he has compiled all of the information he can about the Shroud of Turin and has come to the conclusion that it was just intended to be a prop for people in medieval times who celebrated Christ's resurrection on Easter, the pagan holiday. Freeman noted that the very first... Continue Reading →

Heaven is for real, but are stories real about those who go there & return?

Janet Parshall of "In the Market With Janet Parshall" featured a segment with Dr. Ron Rhodes of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministry last Wednesday examining accounts of near death and back from the dead experiences where people have claimed they went to heaven for a short time and came back. I gathered from their conversation... Continue Reading →

Woman gets miracle, escapes death in New Zealand / questioning resurrection

A 30-year-old German tourist was walking along a trail next to Woolshed Creek in New Zealand with her husband on Wednesday, April 16, when she slipped into the rushing waters and was swept away around 4 pm local time. Authorities in the Mid-Canterbury park raised an alarm shortly afterwards to gather a search party. Since... Continue Reading →

God raises newborn girl in Brazil from the dead

An infant born in a hospital in Brazil made it through her birth just fine. But seconds later, little Yasmin stopped breathing and all signs of life vanished from her little body. Doctor Aurelio Filipak made several efforts to revive her, but baby Yasmin never responded, and the doctor had no choice but to sign... Continue Reading →

Isaiah’s vision of resurrection and rapture

Centuries before Jesus Christ gave us an idea of things that would occur in the last days, or the apostle Paul gave us a glimpse of the Lord's return in the letters to the Thessalonians, or John gave us his Revelation of the end of days, Isaiah had a vision from the Lord that outlines what would happen in... Continue Reading →

Resurrection originated with God, not Osiris

Christianity's concept of resurrection has often been criticized as being a knock-off of ancient Egypt's story of Osiris.  There are several versions of the mythological story of the Egyptian god Osiris, but they all pale in comparison to the truth of resurrection as told to mankind in God's word.  Satan still has access to heaven as... Continue Reading →

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