Where true saints should never fear to tread

Right before Moses died, he gave Israel a rousing benediction in Deuteronomy 33. It may have been addressed to that ancient nation, but the principle of that Holy Spirit-filled benediction can be applied to Christ's church, the spiritual Israel (see Galatians 6:15-16; Ephesians 2:12-13). Nevertheless, to be clear when I say that, I  don't mean... Continue Reading →

Responsibility–it’s meant to be taken personally

One sure sign that a culture or society is on a morally downward trend is when it becomes popular for a segment of the population to unjustifiably blame others for their personal problems. It's an ungodly trend typical of the socialist way of thinking, from blaming unborn babies for being a hindrance to one's personal... Continue Reading →

Lack of understanding gives Satan an opportunity

Having a solid, basic understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ's identity, purpose for coming to Earth, and accomplishments as stated in the Bible is of utmost importance if we are to stand firm in the faith. Firmly grasping those things can help lessen the ability and opportunity for Satan to trip us up. This is... Continue Reading →

Escalating a desire to increase and not decrease

Although the meaning of the Lord's teachings don't change, how we apply his teachings to life's situations can be different. For example, he taught against stealing so the meaning of that will never change, but 100 years ago the idea of not stealing did not apply to electronic piracy since there was no Internet or... Continue Reading →

Moon water leaves scientists scratching their heads

Earth's moon was thought to have been the result billions of years ago of a ginormous collision between an ancient Earth and a rocky object the size of a planet, according to secular scientists. That collision, according to their theory, left the moon completely devoid of water. However, taking into account the roundness of the... Continue Reading →

Non-profit organization fully funds Bible elective course in Chattanooga

It's encouraging when parts of the US known as the "Bible Belt" remain true to that nickname. Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of those places. Privately-funded non-profit organization Bible in the Schools, located in that city, just gave the Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE) in Chattanooga $1 million to take care of all expenses for... Continue Reading →

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