Anti-Trump girl lied, now she may be tried–for assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime. So whenever a female makes a false report to police about sexual assault, it puts real female victims at a disadvantage. The media, in an effort to smear Trump (which seems to be their favorite pastime lately), quickly hyped up a story about a teen girl being groped at... Continue Reading →

Giving Christianity a bad name: a virtual perp walk of perverted “pastors”

People in church leadership roles, according to the scriptures, are to be honorable people who live up to honorable standards (Acts 6:1-6; 1 Tim. 3:1-13; 5:17; Titus 1:5-9). However, in recent years reports have been increasing about leaders in evangelical & traditional Protestant churches whose goal seems to be using people for selfish, criminal purposes.... Continue Reading →

4 examples of great works for God bringing great devilish opposition

Scripture time and again reminds us believers that when God saved us, he essentially hired us to work for him, even if our work(s) may be considered insignificant. Paul pointed out several times that members seen as small and insignificant should never be despised and dismissed by other members (see 1 Cor. 6:4; 12:14-23) since their... Continue Reading →

“We are brothers…children of the same God,” says Pope @ Maundy Thursday ritual

Pope Francis I held a foot-washing ceremony to commemorate the Catholic-created "Holy Thursday" in Italy on March 24. He gathered 12 refugees from the Catholic, Hindu, Orthodox, and Muslim faiths to wash and kiss their feet to mock what Jesus did at the Last Supper with his disciples in the Bible. Minutes before this, the Pope... Continue Reading →

The glorious victorious: 16 reminders for Christ’s overcomers

Things are becoming increasingly more difficult all over the world for us Christians who are determined to live out our faith. We have a lot to contend with both inside and outside of the church from Satan's agents with their various methods and false doctrines. Eventually and ultimately, the odds will forever be in our favor.... Continue Reading →

Young men who desire womanhood are often depressed & drug-addicted

A study of 16-29-year-old men done in Chicago and Boston under an HIV prevention program found that these young men who were "transitioning" to become females commonly dealt with being depressed and wrestled with substance abuse. There were 298 participants in the study and all were involved in sexually risky behaviors (which is the PC... Continue Reading →

Christ’s return to claim earth will be like eagles gathered around a carcase

One of the most curious and mysterious statements made by the Lord Jesus was when he spoke about his return to earth in Matthew 24 and Luke 17. He warned his disciples that there would be groups of people before his return claiming to have special knowledge of his whereabouts and falsely claiming that Christ secretly... Continue Reading →

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