What importance does belief in a young earth have for Christianity?

Just as we are on many issues, Christians are divided on whether or not the Earth is billions of years old (Old Earth) or just thousands of years old (Young Earth). It is rare for Christians of either camp on this issue to share the same stage if there are conferences and/or forums that deal... Continue Reading →

Are you fulfilling godly prophecies made about you?

Prophecies are a wonderful gift from God if they are shared correctly and taken to heart with the right spirit. Sometimes we overlook the fact that some prophecies are unconditional while others are conditional. When a prophecy is unconditional, it means that it will eventually come to pass either because God wants it that way... Continue Reading →

Prominent evangelicals, seduced by the great whore, continue to cover for her

Nowadays it seems that Christendom has striking parallels to the secular world. In the secular world, if you wish to rise to prominence, it is almost certain that you must show allegiance to one of the Vatican's many associations--whether it be Freemasons, Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, etc. in the political arena or the Masonic Illuminati... Continue Reading →

Just because an argument SEEMS to be true doesn’t mean it IS true

Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace gives his take on what he has witnessed among young people from Christian homes when they are exposed to alternative, opposing arguments to the truth of Christianity. He compares atheists to attorneys presenting their case before a judge and jury. Here's an excerpt: 'I’m sometimes surprised to see how quickly... Continue Reading →

Scientists revamp family tree of birds & admit birds exploded into existence

This is one of the biggest stories in science news this week. Evolutionary scientists released their latest findings on birds and how they are related to each other in a revamped family tree. The tree became necessary when they expanded their research to examine a greater number of bird genomes. This expansion led to the... Continue Reading →

Pastor recruited to be government informant speaks out about FEMA plans

A month ago, the New York Times reported that many federal agencies that have nothing at all to do with law enforcement or public safety have federal agents posing as demonstrators, doctors, businesspeople, clergy, etc. to inform on people in various settings of American society. Additionally, it has also been reported that the government has... Continue Reading →

Creationist ministry exposes low-down, dirty tactics of atheists online

I've stated several times before that when it comes to atheists and the debates they want to have with Christians, it should never be assumed that they are truthful. As a matter of fact, it's better to assume that they are either lying or misinformed and to fact-check their statements. These are the very things... Continue Reading →

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