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Scientists revamp family tree of birds & admit birds exploded into existence

sunbirdThis is one of the biggest stories in science news this week. Evolutionary scientists released their latest findings on birds and how they are related to each other in a revamped family tree. The tree became necessary when they expanded their research to examine a greater number of bird genomes. This expansion led to the realization that their previous understandings of bird development had a lot of errors.

Among their findings was that birds “exploded” onto the scene suddenly and that their existence is much younger than their previous assumptions led them to believe. Regardless of the fact that these findings are verification of the creation account in the Bible, these scientists are determined to hang onto their evolutionary assumptions, such as the assumption all birds had a common ancestor, that a family tree is the best way to display bird development, and that rapid and random macroevolution is possible.

The 200+ scientists from 80 institutions representing 20 nations took most of what they knew about bird DNA and plugged it into nine supercomputers, studying the various aspects of the data for more than four years. They studied such questions as, “how did crocodile genomes evolve?” (since they still assume crocodiles and birds share a common ancestor), “how did sex chromosomes of birds come to be?”, “how did birds lose their teeth?”, “how did vocal learning evolve?”, and “when did colorful feathers evolve?”.

I won’t bore you with all the scientific details. You can read those, if you choose, at the sources I list below. Suffice it to say that despite the many weaknesses that arise in their research, evolutionists are determined to fill in the huge gaps they encounter with their fictional speculations. This raises several questions in my mind about their process:

1) If they have insisted for years that the information they have in scientific textbooks is sound, what do these new findings really tell us about their reliability and what is taught in grade schools and universities?Hawk

2) With the prevalent use of radiocarbon dating to estimate when birds appear, what does it say about that method now that they’ve found that their dating estimates are way off?

3) Since they have not unlocked all the complexities of bird DNA and/or the many undiscovered epigenetics that may affect bird DNA, why should we believe this latest bird family tree is accurate? (Especially when new bird species are being discovered quite frequently)

4) If the complex study of bird DNA has shown that the interactions among so many genes and epigenetic factors have specific purposes, which by default means they are designed, why do evolutionists insist on calling these things random as opposed to accepting the two words they consider anathema–“intelligent design”?

Genesis 1 says God created several different “kinds” or families of birds and winged creatures on the fifth day. Then at the end of Genesis 6 to the beginning of Genesis 7, he instructed Noah to take every sort, or kind, of animal (including birds) onto the ark to save them. This is ultimately why putting all birds in one family tree will always result in contradictions and confusion. God made several different kinds of birds independently of each other. All birds don’t have one common ancestor.

But I thank God for such scientists in what they get right–unknowingly proving that his word is correct. Not only does the correct interpretation of their scientific results prove God’s word true, the character of evolutionary scientists themselves prove his word true. According to the Bible, no matter how intelligent any human is, what they conjure up by humanist self-will cannot always be relied upon to reveal ultimate truth about life (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11) or ultimately where we will end up when this life is over. Their philosophies are like shifting, sinking sands. What they think is true today may be shown to be false tomorrow. Thank God for the Rock whose truths were just as true centuries ago as they are today and will be centuries from now. Now that’s someone I can put my total trust in.


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Harry A. Gaylord


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