The slavery of Freemasonry pt. 1

Freemasonry is an organization that supposedly dates back to ancient times and it is difficult to determine who started it and how they started it.  There are documents mentioning it in the 1300s and afterwards, but it is believed that consistent documentation of the organization did not take place until 1717 when the Grand Lodge... Continue Reading →

One step closer to the mark of the beast

Today's Chicago Tribune has an excellent article in their business section discussing the concerns of RFID chips in humans.  They highlight two companies who make and VeriChip. is a government contractor that sells surveillance equipment to municipalities.  Last year, they implanted two of their employees with RFIDs, which are microchips that are toothpick-thin... Continue Reading →

Married Christians serve God better than single Christians

Here are a few reasons why married people in the church tend to be more spiritual than those who are single: In the beginning God commanded mankind to be fruitful and multiply so he could exercise dominion over the earth.  This commandment was given with the assumption that a man and woman should be united... Continue Reading →

“We’re all God’s children”–the brotherhood of man

At various times when civil rights leaders and those who want to improve race relations seek to unify the masses, I've heard them say things like "We're all God's children," or "We believe in the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man,"  and they often quote Ezekiel 18:4 to back them up by saying, "God... Continue Reading →

Reluctance to confess my faults

Confessing one's sins is a religious ritual that dates back to commandments under Mosaic law (Leviticus 5:1-5; Numbers 5:6-7).  It was also part of John the Baptist's ministry (Mark 1:5).  James 5:16 tells us "[c]onfess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man... Continue Reading →

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