“Don’t make Weinstein saga political,” says Dem strategist

Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod is upset that Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment is being made political (see video starting at 5:30 mark). But Democrats made Fox News sexual harassment political and Trump's locker room talk political. They can dish it out but they can't take it.

Peter, a female entrepreneur, and a town called Beautiful

In the New Testament church, one does not have to look very far to see the prominence and influence women had in the early years of the church, disproving the often repeated lie that Christianity has always been sexist.  One of the most beautiful stories in Acts serving as an example of this took place... Continue Reading →

Does the Bible really condone misogyny?

Liberals love to falsely accuse the Bible of being misogynistic, claiming it promotes violence against females and treats them as second class citizens. Unfortunately, congregations today for the most part are avoiding actions to confront domestic abuse that occurs in the church and this doesn't help dispel those myths. This is why women such as Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz... Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood practices are nothing short of satanic

The recent videos exposing Planned Parenthood's shady practices and callousness are shocking, appalling, sickening. But given how the organization was founded and who founded it and for what purpose, I would venture to say that it's all satanically inspired and helped along by the love of money (1 Timothy 6:10). Anyone who defends murdering innocent... Continue Reading →

addressing the false claim that Christians are obsessed with controlling sex

An anonymous person calling themselves "American Project" recently stated that Christians tend to "bring up some type of sex-related fear, and get all preachy about gay sex and teen sex and controlling women's bodies, since it is all about the sex and controlling sex and who has it and when and how their precious taxes... Continue Reading →

Women lack leadership roles in evangelical nonprofits

Researchers at Gordon College and Wheaton College have discovered after surveying 1400 evangelical organizations that women have fewer leadership roles than their secular counterparts. While women in secular organizations make up 43% of their nonprofit boards and 40% of their CEOs overall, in the evangelical world only 21% of evangelical boards are female, 19% are... Continue Reading →

Illegal aliens in NC commit sexual assaults, other crimes at alarming rates

An InfoWars report has uncovered a serious problem going on in the state of North Carolina that isn't being reported in the Obama-friendly national nightly news outlets. A large number of illegal aliens who are flocking to that state for "refuge" are criminals whose whereabouts aren't being tracked. One concerned citizen who happened to be... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Church preaches against sexism, lack of talent in music industry

Former child prodigy and Welsh singer Charlotte Church let it be known she isn't too happy with the current state of the music industry. In a speech to radio executives, she accused the industry, from agents to record executives, of hyper-sexualizing female artists by coercing the young women into using racy images and equating those... Continue Reading →

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