A following, but no fervency: religious fakes & phonies

One of the frustrations within Christendom today is the fact that many will gladly say they are Christian, but when it comes to putting God's word into practice in their daily lives, a lot of them aren't willing to do so. It's a problem that is growing from the pulpits to the pews. Such people... Continue Reading →

Said Musa’s release proves power of prayer backed with action

The Afghan Christian, Said Musa, was suddenly taken off death row and released from prison in Afghanistan. The 45-year-old Musa, an International Red Cross aid worker, was imprisoned last year after a fellow Afghan ratted him out to the authorities as being a convert from Islam to Christianity. He was able to smuggle a letter... Continue Reading →

Slaves or servants? John MacArthur questions translators

In an interview to promote his new book, Slave: the Word that Reveals the Riches of Your Salvation, John MacArthur of Grace Community Church and Grace To You ministries thinks that English translators of every English Bible has mistranslated the word doulos to mean servant when it should be translated slave.  Lillian Kwon at ChristianPost.com asked... Continue Reading →

Anthropologists critical of calling fossils “human ancestors”

In a report today at ScienceDaily.com, biological anthropologists from George Washington University and New York University were critical of their colleagues as jumping the gun when it comes to fossil discoveries they claim are human ancestors.  Professors Bernard Wood and Terry Harrison have submitted their findings to the journal Nature which is scheduled to appear... Continue Reading →

Forever frenemies?: highs/lows of Israel-Egypt relations

In spite of the assurances the supposedly temporary military government in Egypt has given that it will honor its peace treaty with Israel, a news report today says Israel is still on edge about how Egypt will turn out.  With the 24 hr. news cycle preoccupied with what has happened in Egypt, it has brought to... Continue Reading →

Jesus’ parable of the king’s wedding feast

The Lord Jesus' parable in Matthew 22:2-14 teaches many spiritual truths using a king's wedding feast as an example and these truths are still as applicable today as they were back then.  He covers a wide variety of subjects from love to patience to judgment and eternal punishment. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a... Continue Reading →

Hidden camera catches Planned Parenthood acting illegally

Planned Parenthood of New Jersey was recently captured on video participating in illegal activity with regard to offering services and advice to a man, acting as a pimp, and a young lady, acting as a prostitute, who wanted abortion services for minors. You can watch the video here, but be aware it has some graphic... Continue Reading →

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