Tearing down the ‘who created God’ question

"Who created God? If God created the universe, the earth, and everything on earth, then someone had to create God." That is the often-asked question and often-stated comment of those who doubt or don't believe what the Bible says. However, this argument is based on false assumptions as follows: 1) The law of causality, also... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Darwin: a look at his views on race, religion

Was Charles Darwin a racist? Was he a white supremacist? Did he promote slavery? Was he a God-hater? These are some of the questions that have swirled around the mention of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution for years. Search the internet and you will find arguments that he was or wasn't for all of these questions.... Continue Reading →

Some necessary philosophies to strengthen good capitalism

“History suggests that capitalism is a necessary condition for political freedom” -- Milton Friedman, American economist. Although capitalism of late has been intentionally getting a bad rap, it is really a neutral economic system that can be used for good or evil. Forces within America's capitalist system are trying to sabotage it from within to... Continue Reading →

The occultic foundations of modern atheism

There are certain historical figures that atheists tend to rally around who they often quote to inspire and encourage themselves in their worldview. Today's atheists are very proud to hail these deceased famous people as heroes and pioneers of the cultural heritage of  the atheism and free thought movements. A close look at the lives... Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam the sugar daddy, and the idleness of welfare

It's official. The welfare rolls have swelled to 100 million Americans. That's 1/3 of the U.S. population. Yes, 33% of Americans are now enrolled in some type of welfare program. This does not include Social Security programs like disability (which is at record levels also), nor does it include Medicare. So Newt Gingrich was correct.... Continue Reading →

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