A discussion on the Flat Earth myth

Does the Bible teach that the Earth is flat? Was the Flat Earth myth really a predominant Christian teaching in the early church? Did Christopher Columbus expect to find a Flat Earth on his voyage in 1492? These and other topics are covered in the following broadcast of Creation Magazine Live which aired on May... Continue Reading →

Tough times can lead us to high places

No matter how well things go in one’s life, there is always the possibility of something unpredictable occurring that threatens one’s life, livelihood, or peace of mind.  If we were to look around and take stock of the familiar things and familiar people that are present in our lives, the things and people who give... Continue Reading →

Tolerance, socialism, psychology, & a world without the KJV: the NWO’s vision

During the throes of World War II, Luciferian Freemason Manly P. Hall was ecstatic over the prospect of building a New World Order (NWO) from the ashes. As a member of various secret societies manipulating (at the Vatican's behest) various occurrences on the world stage, Manly P. Hall acted as a messenger and herald for... Continue Reading →

Jerusalem excavation finds more proof of battle with Rome

Archaeologists excavating parts of Jerusalem's ancient sites shared evidence this past week of the battle between Rome and Jerusalem that led to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD. The Jewish arrowheads and ballista balls shot from Roman catapults were discovered when the team of archaeologists dug up an ancient road into Jerusalem... Continue Reading →

Forever covered by God’s mercy and righteousness

We as humans in the overall scheme of things are frail, faulty, and finite, and all human inventions and man-made philosophies and religions tend to be the same. If we wish to authentically fulfill the deep desire in all of us to spiritually own something that is stable and dependable for ourselves and generations after us,... Continue Reading →

Another Facebook storm brews as leaked document shows they target teens

Targeting teens for ads based on their emotional vulnerabilities. That's what, according to Wired.com, was discovered about Facebook recently in an exposé in The Australian where the publication acquired a leaked in-house Facebook document. In the 23-page document Facebook offered an advertiser the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of access to over 6... Continue Reading →

Chance the Rapper likes being called “Christian,” just don’t call his music that

If you saw this logo plastered as a warning all over my blog, yet I claimed to be a Christian while I use explicit language, would you really believe me? Using Chance the Rapper as an example, apparently I would be. And the so-called "Christian" media would praise me and tell me how well I... Continue Reading →

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