Jesus works for our benefit on his mountain of myrrh & hill of frankincense

Our Lord Jesus Christ may have ascended to heaven to be at the right hand of our heavenly Father (Acts 7:55; 1 Peter 3:22) after his resurrection, but I'm thankful that he's not just sitting there doing nothing. He's keeping himself busy on our behalf. That comforting fact is figuratively and prophetically expressed in the... Continue Reading →

Washington state man tells story of surviving collision with a fast train

Commercial plumber Dominic Laufenberg, 21, recently shared with reporter Rick Lund of  the Seattle Times an unbelievable story of his miraculous survival when a train going 79 miles per hour T-boned his 2015 Ford Mustang on the driver's side. Laufenberg has no recollection of the accident itself, but was headed home after having dinner with... Continue Reading →

Atheist minister of Toronto “Christian” church to start nonbeliever congregation

Gretta Vosper, the minister of West Hill United Church in Toronto who made headlines for coming out as atheist, is planning to start a congregation for atheists in February 2017. Her decision comes months after a committee with the United Church of Canada deemed her unfit to serve as minister of their "Christian" church. But the... Continue Reading →

Salt Lake City atheist gathering copies the church

If you interact with an atheist long enough and are observant, you may notice one thing--they are full of contradictions. One popular idea that atheists in recent years tend to repeat is "church is boring and senseless, so you might as well stop going." However, as a contradiction, the new atheist movement over the past... Continue Reading →

Author exposes Communist agenda of environmentalists to indoctrinate children

Author Holly Swanson recently did a video interview with Alex Newman at to sound the alarm about environmentalists' plans to "impose a Communist model of education within [America's] school system ... which would create a national political indoctrination program" to teach our children to embrace Communism and implement the changes by brainwashing them in the public... Continue Reading →

Satan rears his ugly head at UN Security Council with resolution against Israel

Israel, like all other nations, is nowhere close to being perfect and they make mistakes, but that in no way excuses what the UN Security Council has done by condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank with their new resolution on Friday, December 23, which was helped along by the Obama administration's backstabbing vote to... Continue Reading →

Black man is arrested for “Vote Trump” Mississippi church arson

A Mississippi church that was burned at the beginning of November and vandalized with the words "Vote Trump" set off a firestorm in the liberal media about how racist Trump supporters were and investigators suspected it was a hate crime, even though residents who live nearby were skeptical and were convinced it was probably a... Continue Reading →

Questioning the salvation of “Christians” favoring abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia

A couple of weeks ago, as many believers who try to stay informed know, LifeWay Research released the results of a study they did on physician assisted suicide. What they found out was very disturbing to me. A substantial number of Christians felt physician assisted suicide was an acceptable practice for ending one's life. When... Continue Reading →

As clear as gray: how far should Christians take self-defense?

In South Carolina recently, a 27-yr-old burglar broke into a home and tried to steal the 25-yr-old homeowner's guns. The homeowner arrived home just after 8 that morning as the burglary was in progress. A struggle ensued between the two men. The homeowner was able to wrestle a rifle from the burglar then fired several shots at... Continue Reading →

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