Christian owners of Hobby Lobby investigated over ancient artifacts

The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby and of the future Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, are under federal investigation over their possession of ancient artifacts and how they gained possession of them. They released a statement to say they are fully cooperating with the investigators. According to sources in the government, the... Continue Reading →

TX female 7th grader testifies teacher threatened to fail students who didn’t deny God

Texas middle schooler Jordan Wooley told her school board about a problem she and other students in the 7th grade had with a teacher recently. The teacher gave them a question-answer assignment that did not relate to the class. Students were told to give their feedback on if God's existence was fact, opinion, or myth.... Continue Reading →

Cincinnati megachurch gives money to members, challenges them to help others

This past weekend, a megachurch in Cincinnati--Crossroads--handed out $75,000 in $5 increments to each attendee and told them to go out and use their $5 to be a blessing to someone else. Pastor Brian Tome said the feedback he's gotten, including through social media, has been very positive with his members finding all kinds of different... Continue Reading →

Cybersecurity bill by US Senate set for a vote Oct. 27

The US Senate has voted to move their latest cybersecurity bill to a full Senate vote on Tuesday, October 27. The House passed their version of a cybersecurity bill this past April. Officially named the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (S.754), if passed and signed by the President, the law would basically call on private... Continue Reading →

Computer-generated light can control heart rhythms, say scientists

A team of scientists from Oxford University and Stony Brook University in New York have discovered a new way to control heart waves using light. Their newly developed method uses optogenetics, a form of genetic modification that allows cells to be manipulated using light. A recently released paper from the team "details how they used optogenetics to precisely control... Continue Reading →

Sex abuser’s counsel argues priest-penitent law in WV entitles him to avoid trial

A 57-yr-old pervert in West Virginia is seeking dismissal of all sexual abuse charges against him. Timothy Probert appeared in court recently and his attorney argued that the charges brought against his client should be thrown out because Probert went to his pastor to confess his crimes "seeking forgiveness and restoration through the disciplinary channels... Continue Reading →

If your good deed is punished, is it worth it?

That's the question 41-yr-old cab driver Hanizan Mohamed Radzi recently had to ask himself in Kajang, Malaysia. A five-yr-old boy had been kidnapped in front of his school--right out of the hands of his mother in broad daylight. The men who took him then contacted the family to demand a ransom. In the meantime, the boy... Continue Reading →

God’s will in the middle of the wheel

Ezekiel's prophetic ministry began at a river with a mind-blowing vision of four cherubims who moved from place to place like a flash of lightning (Ezekiel 1:14). Among the curiosities surrounding these creatures were the wheels that accompanied them wherever they went. Each cherubim had one wheel and each wheel was "as it were a... Continue Reading →

Leaked Trans Pacific Partnership chapter smacks of globalist new world order cronyism

If a dog bites you once, shame on the dog, but if it bites you again, shame on you. So the saying goes. Despite that sage advice, there are many politicians like President Barack Obama and corporations like Monsanto who want us to trust their word as they promote the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) even... Continue Reading →

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