Illegal aliens in NC commit sexual assaults, other crimes at alarming rates

An InfoWars report has uncovered a serious problem going on in the state of North Carolina that isn't being reported in the Obama-friendly national nightly news outlets. A large number of illegal aliens who are flocking to that state for "refuge" are criminals whose whereabouts aren't being tracked. One concerned citizen who happened to be... Continue Reading →

Satanist, gang-banging, drug-addicted cutter finds Christ & new life

Ulisses Sanchez, a Mexican immigrant in Des Moines, Iowa, can recall a time not too long ago when he lived life in the streets as a gang-banging tough guy. He joined the gang at 14 for protection at his school and kept his dark life a secret from his parents. At the age of 11... Continue Reading →

Some legal history in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

In the 1940s, a group of Hispanic-American parents led by Gonzalo Mendez filed a lawsuit on behalf of their children who were attending grade school in California's Orange County.  The children were being segregated into separate facilities and being taught a different curriculum, both of which were inferior to what the white children were experiencing.  The... Continue Reading →

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