UK’s highest court backs Christian bakers

It was a long, hard, four-year battle in Ireland by Daniel McArthur and his family, who own Ashers Baking Co. But an appeal to the UK Supreme Court and many prayers worldwide have secured a victory for them after gay activists sued them for discrimination when they refused to make a cake supporting gay marriage.... Continue Reading →


British Medical Association wants doctors to euthanize dementia patients

No matter where or how socialism is implemented, it is founded on and breeds a culture of death, devaluing human life. History is full of countless examples of it. A recent example of that is seen through the British Medical Association (BMA), a private organization that affects policies in the UK's system of socialized medicine.... Continue Reading →

Complicit: how & why people tolerate religious abuse

Despite recent revelations about just how corrupt the Catholic Church really is (including the report that came out this week in Pennsylvania on how at least 1,000 children over several decades were molested by over 300 priests and how other Catholic officials conspired to cover it up) it boggles the mind how millions remain devoted... Continue Reading →

Debunking the ‘Your God murders more people than Lucifer’ argument

Anyone who has gotten to know God can testify to how merciful, patient, gracious, and loving he is. We can also attest to the innumerable ways he shows that every day to us through his many blessings. Like the psalmist in Psalm 33:4, we can declare, "For the word of the Lord is right; and all his... Continue Reading →

UK doctor fired for not adhering to gender identity preferences

Dr. David Mackereth, a 26-year veteran of the UK's NHS, was recently fired for refusing to abide by the UK's policy of referring to patients by the gender they personally preferred to be called. The policy was implemented "to handle assessments sensitively and adhere to the Equality Act 2010," said a spokesperson for the Department... Continue Reading →

Christian woman in Kazakhstan acquitted in court…of downloading the Bible?

Downloading the Bible onto a smartphone is a very popular thing to do and most of us have probably done it a time or two. Even some unbelievers have done it. But in Kazakhstan, an evangelical woman recently endured a trial for doing that very thing. Can you imagine? Back in January, Dilobarkhon Sultanova showed a... Continue Reading →

Social media leftists slam race car driver for not liking nephew’s dress

British race car driver Lewis Hamilton, who has earned various awards such as being the top driver in the Formula One series, shared some personal family Christmas photos and videos on social media for the Christmas holiday. But he expressed an opinion some liberals didn't like, so the mostly female commenters took to social media... Continue Reading →

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