Religious lean Republican, nonreligious lean Democrat in U.S.

Gallup released a poll this week of 87,000 American adults and found that 49% who identify themselves as religious tend to support Republicans while 52% of the nonreligious tend to support the Democrats. This gap holds consistent across ethnic groups except for African Americans who overwhelmingly support Democrats irrespective of being religious or nonreligious. Pollster... Continue Reading →

Rude dude?: dinner conversations with Jesus

Most of us in advanced societies make it a point to avoid dining with people who we know can bring up uncomfortable subjects at a meal. We have in our minds what constitutes proper etiquette for meals where we are hosting guests or are guests ourselves, such as not insulting the host, not insulting the... Continue Reading →

Evolutionist has to reverse dinosaur-to-bird fossil claim for 2nd time

Stephen Czerkas from the Dinosaur Museum in Blanding, Utah, purchased a fossil from China in 1999 from a dealer for $80,000 and National Geographic touted the fossil as proof that dinosaurs transitioned into birds. They announced this before verifying that the fossil was genuinely the half bird, half dinosaur they assumed it to be. Then... Continue Reading →

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