Saudi cleric calls for the rape of Syrian girls, women

A popular Saudi Arabian cleric of the Wahhabi Muslims broadcast a religious command calling for jihadists fighting against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria to commit what amounts to rape. Muhammed al-Arifi told them they should take widowed or divorced women and girls who were at least 14 years old and put them in brief marriages... Continue Reading →

Bored by God: why churches create new Christs

If you are one to keep your eye on trends that go on in the world of Christianity, you will notice that there are plenty of inconsistencies. On the one hand, there are plenty of churches who are faithful to God's word and the gospel and take great measures to ensure their reputation as Christians... Continue Reading →

Chinese hackers attack a NWO ally

Well, this is rather awkward. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was hacked by the Chinese in what is called a "drive-by" hack attack. The CFR is a foreign policy group among the most elite in America with dignitaries, politicians, journalists, entertainers, and corporate executives serving as members. It has been a major force in... Continue Reading →

Facebook targeting users questioning Connecticut shooting accounts

Facebook is systematically going through posts looking for any accounts that question the official story given by the mainstream media & law enforcement officials concerning the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary. One Facebook user had his account suspended after his post was deleted that questioned how a 20-yr-old with Asperger's could pull... Continue Reading →

Is there a story behind the story in the Connecticut massacre?

As I have mentioned before at this blog, one of the main goals of the New World Order (NWO) is to disarm citizens. One of its main enemies is the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As I've been praying for the families and friends of the innocent people and precious ones who lost their lives in... Continue Reading →

Mega-mosques are taking Western society by storm

This week on his blog, Erick Stakelbeck examines the push for Muslims to put up more large mosques in areas throughout the Western Hemisphere. Those who speak against it are labeled islamophobes and racists by the media, the governments, and Muslim activists, but when one considers that the Saudi government in partnership with the Muslim... Continue Reading →

Britain census shows there are fewer Christians

Great Britain's 2011 census shows that the number of people calling themselves Christian has gone down noticeably. The 2001 census had 37 million Christians while the 2011 census had 33 million Christians. Those who are unaffiliated with any religion rose from 10% to 25%. The bottom line is that only 59% of Britain's population is... Continue Reading →

Get off the tangents, get on tenacious truths

It can be so easy for believers in Christ to go off on tangents that distract us from the important things concerning God's kingdom. Those tangents can be anything from what kind of foods we consider acceptable to consume to what religious days we should observe to what arguments we should make to justify bad habits, wrong beliefs,... Continue Reading →

Dr. Michael Youssef accuses the U.S. media of cowardice over Egypt

Dr. Michael Youssef, the Egyptian American pastor & televangelist, is not very pleased with the coverage of what has been going on in his native country. The U.S. media has conveniently whitewashed the ultimate intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been following their carefully laid plans all along to rise to power on the... Continue Reading →

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