A Closer Look At the “Asbury Revival” Reveals a Gay Agenda is Afoot

Before YouTube censors his video to make it disappear, you should probably take a look at Caleb Corneloup's 17-minute video below. Caleb is an evangelical out of Australia who runs the "iThink Biblically" YouTube channel. In his video that he released yesterday, Caleb takes a closer look at who is involved in the so-called "Asbury... Continue Reading →

Lunatic Cringe: Phony, Apostate “Christians” Manipulate to Weaken Churches

Two religious news stories caught my eye today and reminded me just how much idolatry is running rampant among false churches and false "believers" who appear to be Christian in name only. The bigger story deals with the Church of England, which never seems to disappoint if one is looking for a church that promotes... Continue Reading →

What Apostasy Is, How To Recognize It, and What Can Be Done About It

In the one-hour video below released on November 26, Doug Potter of the Southern Evangelical Seminary does a slide presentation on apostasy in the Christian church today. Potter highlights what the New Testament epistles say about apostasy in the church back in the first century and applies the same biblical principles to our time to... Continue Reading →

How the New World Order Infiltrates Religion Via the Climate Change Hoax

Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church released this 1-hour video a few days ago to warn Christians about upcoming initiatives being promoted by the New World Order. As the United Nations climate change summit, COP27, unfolds for the next few days in Egypt, the globalist world leaders there have a plan to infiltrate all religious... Continue Reading →

Creation Ministries International Examines The Evils of Critical Race Theory, Its Bad Influence on the Church

Richard Fangrad and Alexander Osborne of Creation Ministries International-Canada released this 31-minute video yesterday to discuss some of the basics of Critical Race Theory. It's part 1 of a two-part discussion examining the divisive anti-biblical worldview that is based on Marxism (a.k.a. communism/socialism). They highlight some of its principles, purposes, and goals and compare them... Continue Reading →

New Apostolic Reformation, Dominion Theology, Latter Rain, Replacement Theology All Come From Same Erroneous Doctrine

Author and Bible teacher Jonathan Brentner recently published an article at Harbingers Daily website warning of his concerns over a popular body of false doctrine spread in churches over the past two decades. Known as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), Brentner sounds the alarm that the beliefs encompassing this movement ultimately seek to exalt the... Continue Reading →

Hillsong Church’s Board Accepts Brian Houston’s Resignation From Pastoral Role

Brian Houston is now out as senior global pastor of Hillsong Church, which he co-founded with the blessing of the Assemblies of God denomination in 1983. For decades the teachings of the now former megachurch pastor have sounded alarms for Christians who regularly study the scriptures. What he preached just didn't line up with scripture... Continue Reading →

Defending Skillet’s John Cooper Re: His Statement Against Deconstruction of Christianity

Christian apologist Jon Harris released this timely video yesterday after he became concerned about the response to John Cooper of Skillet. In case you hadn't heard, John Cooper recently made a statement highlighting the harm that the "deconstruction" movement is bringing among so-called Christians and left-leaning congregations. Cooper called on genuine Christians who care about... Continue Reading →

Religious Studies Researcher Calls on Christians and Witches to Accept “Christian Witchcraft”

Daniel Wise, a researcher with a PhD in Religious Studies, has expressed the hope of many liberal academics that both Christian circles and witch practitioners diversify their communities by accepting "Christian witchcraft." In reality, from the genuine Biblical perspective there is no such thing as Christian witchcraft. They are diametrically opposed to each other since... Continue Reading →

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