God’s time capsules: discoveries confirming his word

God created us with curious minds and if our curiosity leads us down a path that pleases him, we can discover some amazing things. He then uses those amazing things to bring us closer to him and to show us he is the God of his word and that his word really is infallible and... Continue Reading →

Muslim cleric arrested by U.S. border officers

A Muslim cleric who was deported from Montreal, Canada to Tunisia in 2007 was discovered trying to sneak into the U.S. from Mexico earlier this month.  Said Jaziri was ordered deported by a Canadian court in 2007 after it was discovered he hid a criminal conviction from Canadian authorities so he could get into Canada... Continue Reading →

What my history class never told me about Lincoln’s assassination

When I was taught American history throughout grade school, Abraham Lincoln was one of my favorite people to learn about. Since his birthday is around the corner, I think this is the perfect time to share what I have learned about situations surrounding the conspiracy that led to his assassination. I, like so many other... Continue Reading →

Holy writ: 400 years of the KJV

2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the greatest English work ever published--the Authorized Version of the Bible, otherwise known as the King James Version (KJV).  The KJV has changed countless lives in the English-speaking world (including my own), bringing about conversions from sinful lives without Christ to a confession and belief that Jesus Christ is Lord. It has shined pure light where... Continue Reading →

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