Why does God exist?

If you ever find yourself interacting with an atheist in normal, everyday conversation, they can be really nice and cordial people. However, if the topic of God should ever come up, there are some of them who do a serious Jekyll & Hyde with fangs and claws showing. But should that ever happen to you... Continue Reading →

TV providers feeling pressure to change

A few months ago, I joined millions in the U.S. and became part of the "Zero TV" movement. After taking a look at my budget, I decided it was time to use the funds I paid every month  to a satellite company for more productive purposes like putting some of the money in savings and... Continue Reading →

Forget astrological signs, Jesus is the only sign you need

It is a common thing to adopt practices as we go through life without stopping to question their validity or neglecting to see if God is really pleased with them. Reading one's horoscope is such a practice. A large number of people who identify themselves as Christian think it's completely harmless to go online or... Continue Reading →

It’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you

Revelations about how our government operates are continuing to unfold as the Obama administration and Washington, DC in general seem to be falling apart with their bad policies and clandestine deals. From the ruse of Immigration Reform whose purpose is to help further the New World Order's moves toward a North American Union to the... Continue Reading →

Discussing uncomfortable topics with kids prepares them for real life

God never intended his people to shy away from discussing uncomfortable subjects with their children. Unfortunately, many in the ranks of us Christians choose to avoid topics with our kids that we think will make them grow up too fast. So we cut off certain conversations when children ask us some difficult questions that could... Continue Reading →

Scientists working with FAA regulators for public drone use by 2015

You knew this would eventually happen, right? As of now, drone use in public air space is restricted to the government (especially military and law enforcement) and higher education installations for research purposes (i.e. public universities). But the push is on to open drone use to the public for any private citizen to use in... Continue Reading →

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