The Bible Has the Best Principles on Which to Build a Life or a Civilization

From Genesis all the way to Revelation, the Lord demonstrates that he wants his ultimate creation--mankind--to be the best they can be. That ultimately requires us to worship him and to live by his principles. Contrary to what is stated in secular society about the God of the Bible, Jehovah expresses in the Bible his... Continue Reading →

Christian Author/Lecturer Exposes The Spiritual Dangers of Yoga

Years before Christian author and speaker Caryl Matrisciana died of cancer in 2016, she was a guest on The Berean Call radio show hosted by T. A. McMahon. Matrisciana was British and grew up in India surrounded by Hinduism. She became a disciple of the New Age religion during the hippie movement of the 1960s-1970s,... Continue Reading →

Evangelical pastor in India shot dead outside his church by Hindus

As Pastor Sultan Masih was preparing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church he co-founded in Salem Tabre, Ludhiana, in India, a phone call lured him outside the church at about 8:45 pm Saturday night, July 15, where two youths believed to be Hindu shot him as they passed by on a motorcycle. CCTV... Continue Reading →

‘Christian’ columnist misinterprets 2 Corinthians 6:14 to justify unequally yoked marriages

Interfaith marriages have allegedly been increasing since 2010, according to Pew Research. And columnist Dana Trent of Patheos, who claims to be a Christian, thinks that's a good thing for Christians according to her column featured in Time Magazine. Her viewpoint is why it is so important to focus on faith in Christ and his... Continue Reading →

Yoga not religious, ok for schools, judge rules

Judge John S. Meyer of the San Diego Superior Court in California released a decision today in a lawsuit filed by parents concerned that their kids' school district was teaching kids yoga. Meyer pointed out in his ruling that (paraphrasing here) yoga is an American tradition stripped of its religious content and is therefore not... Continue Reading →

Brilliant plagiarists: the path to one world religion

Are all religions essentially the same? Do passages in the Bible match what appears in Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, and other scriptures of other religions? If one were to listen to some religious leaders today, one would think so. But these are false assumptions because they tend to overlook two important facts regarding the scriptures of... Continue Reading →

Indian officials ask evangelicals to leave India

The Times of India newspaper reported this week that three American Christian women--Shelly Louise Deeds, a nurse from Pennsylvania, Katelyn Heather Deeds,also from Pennsylvania, and Diane Geen Harrington,  a Wisconsin teacher--were approached by Indian authorities and were asked to leave the country.  Several Hindu organizations went to the police accusing the women of trying to convert... Continue Reading →

Hatred of Christians is alive and well in India

"Hindu Extremists in India Target Christian State Official Hindu extremists in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh have brought the incidence of Christian persecution to an unprecedented high, including a slander campaign against the state’s chief minister, Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, a Christian. Sam Paul, public affairs secretary of the All India Christian Council, said... Continue Reading →

A quick comparison between Hinduism and Christianity

Hinduism originated in India and cannot be traced back to a single individual who started it.  It is a religion that began before Christ came to earth and is a conglomeration of various beliefs from Aryans who migrated to India mixed with the beliefs of indigenous people of India.  Its teachings may differ from sect... Continue Reading →

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