Should secular artists sing Christian music?

This is a question I discussed with a friend once.  I should probably give an explanation of what Christian music is first.  The Christian music I'm talking about is music that gives glory to God in its lyrics, whether it's a testimony of what God does for a believer, or direct praise that is speaking to... Continue Reading →

A Prayer of Praise & Thanksgiving

Jehovah, it is such an honor to be able to talk to you in prayer.  I am so grateful that your Son Jesus made it possible for us to fellowship and communicate with each other. Thank you, God, for your grace and for drawing me to you in spite of my sinful nature.  Thank you... Continue Reading →

Revelations on the Book of Revelation

With each day drawing us closer to the rapture and great tribulation in addition to man-made and natural disasters worldwide, there are always discussions occurring within Christian circles about things mentioned in Revelation.  I recently finished a study of the book and made some notes and cross-references.  I'm not foolish enough to try to explain... Continue Reading →

Christian symbolism in the breastplate of judgment–chapters 11 & 12

The Christian's conversion, two natures, spiritual covering, and God's continual blessings are a few things we see represented by Joseph and the Onyx. In Benjamin and the Jasper, we get a glimpse of our spiritual perfection, God's divine order, persistence in righteousness, and the fact that we are God's beloved.  The word jasper is iaspis in the Greek... Continue Reading →

Christian symbolism in the breastplate of judgment–chapters 9 & 10

Are you bearing spiritual fruit for God, witnessing to the lost, and bearing God's burdens faithfully?  Then you have a lot in common with Issachar and the amethyst. As Christians, God refines us through trials we face in life.  In the midst of our trials he is our shelter and causes us to prosper spiritually in... Continue Reading →

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