They Equated Jehovah (YHWH) With Baal

Much ado has been made within the last decade or so about YHWH being mentioned in ancient pagan writings from Israel as having the goddess Asherah as a wife. Scholars, mythologists, atheists, and pagans have mentioned it in various ways to attack the Bible's accuracy. They use writings on a large 8th century BC storage... Continue Reading →

Smashing the idols

When Hezekiah became king of Judah, the nation experienced its greatest spiritual revival up to that point. It happened after a 16-year period of evil where God was openly rejected and all sorts of sins were promoted in public. Hezekiah ushered in a very thorough, genuine, and righteous change that swept like wildfire throughout not... Continue Reading →

Scholars find that literacy in Judah was common before Babylonian captivity

After using "new computerized image processing and document analysis techniques, including machine learning algorithms," to digitally analyze ancient ceramic pottery shards called ostraca discovered in Israel, archaeologists have concluded that Judah was a very literate civilization before Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and took the Judahites into captivity in 586 BC. The ostraca date back to around... Continue Reading →

Seal of King Hezekiah discovered in Israel excavation

Archaeologists in Israel have released the findings this week of an excavation they did in 2009. At that time they uncovered a seal, but disregarded its significance until an expert recently re-examined it and discovered it was actually a stamp seal impression of King Hezekiah, a ruler of Judah in the 8th century BC. It... Continue Reading →

Why Jesus’ genealogy is Messianically valid through both Joseph & Mary

Based on Bible prophecy, one of the main ways for identifying the Messiah would be by his Davidic lineage. In other words, he would have to be King David's descendant and rightful heir to David's throne. Critics from both the Jewish and Gentile worlds who wish to dismiss Jesus as the one true Messiah enjoy... Continue Reading →

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