COVID Vaccine Injuries Continue to Rise As Supreme Court Justices Share Misinformation

Given my religious and moral objections to putting anything in my body that doesn't declare openly all of its ingredients (yes, I'm an avid label reader), that alters the human genome, or that was created using parts of aborted babies, I can never take any COVID vaccine. I also don't put stuff in my body... Continue Reading →

There’s A Method to Their Madness and the Goal is Global Governance

While some news propagandists who are supporters of the Joe Biden administration have surprisingly criticized his Afghanistan debacle and news commentators who never liked him or his policies have called him incompetent, there's more at play here. Yes, Biden is a hot mess when it comes to his mental faculties, but the decisions and actions... Continue Reading →

Religious Views Affected the Outcome of the Brexit Vote, Says New Study

A study released recently explains how the religious views of British citizens played a significant role in how they voted in the 2016 Brexit election. An overwhelming majority of voters who identified as Anglican voted Leave. The experts believe this is due to the Church of England's attachment to Great Britain's national identity and history.... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Home Bible Studies, Against California COVID Restrictions

Late Friday, April 9, 2021, the US Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling against California's COVID-19 restrictions on home Bible studies and prayer meetings. California's Governor, Gavin Newsom, had issued an order mandating in-home religious gatherings be restricted to three households with attendees masked and socially distanced. The lawsuit was filed by two citizens in... Continue Reading →

“They’ll Come After Bible Characters Next,” Says Fox News’s Bill Hemmer

On Friday, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer and co-host Dana Perino discussed a Chicago initiative to review the names of statues and landmarks in the city. The guest for the segment was Carley Shimkus. Chicago leaders are trying to show they are "woke" enough to consider the demands of the trained Marxists and terrorists, Black... Continue Reading →

Mike Lindell’s Documentary “Absolute Proof” Sounds the Alarm on Election Concerns

Cancel culture leftists and Establishment Republicans have made it their goal to cancel the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, from all stores, the news, and social media. However, he used his resources to put together this documentary entitled "Absolute Proof" with the help of data and security experts and it has gone viral since he... Continue Reading →

The Bible, Politics, and You

Earlier this week, Frank Turek released this thought-provoking video (below) on the importance of Christian involvement in politics. He covered the topic using Biblical, historical, and present-day examples to make his points. Turek, in his one-hour talk covered the following subtopics: Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?What Are the Most Important Issues?Does Abortion Trump Everything... Continue Reading →

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