How the Democrats are using questionable sexual allegations to stall Kavanaugh confirmation

Here's where the Kavanaugh confirmation consideration stands as Democrats use shady delay tactics with the help of the mainstream media and an allegation that is falling apart in the midst of Democrats showing their hypocrisy. Sean Hannity explains in this 21-minute video.  


Project Veritas exposes Deep State arrogance

Here's the first video released by Project Veritas exposing a State Department employee boasting about his efforts to resist positive changes by President Trump.   The second Project Veritas Deep State video exposes more Deep State actors in other agencies.  

Another explanation of Gog and Magog, Ezekiel 38-39 (video)

The Berean Call ministry recently hosted Bible teacher Robert Congdon who discussed some highlights about the future Magog war. In this hour-long video, Congdon points out how events surrounding Russia, its allies and enemies, and Russia's view of Israel are slowly putting things into place for this future global confrontation. Towards the end of  his... Continue Reading →

British Medical Association wants doctors to euthanize dementia patients

No matter where or how socialism is implemented, it is founded on and breeds a culture of death, devaluing human life. History is full of countless examples of it. A recent example of that is seen through the British Medical Association (BMA), a private organization that affects policies in the UK's system of socialized medicine.... Continue Reading →

UK doctor fired for not adhering to gender identity preferences

Dr. David Mackereth, a 26-year veteran of the UK's NHS, was recently fired for refusing to abide by the UK's policy of referring to patients by the gender they personally preferred to be called. The policy was implemented "to handle assessments sensitively and adhere to the Equality Act 2010," said a spokesperson for the Department... Continue Reading →

Why are illegal alien families separated by border officials?

Liberals are once again stirring up outrage against the Trump administration over how illegal aliens are treated. The sad part is when the liberals start tossing adjectives around such as "heartless" and "without compassion" toward conservatives obeying the law, some conservatives (fake or otherwise) are so quick to cave to the liberals' arguments. They are... Continue Reading →

Russia, Turkey, and Iran meet for a “political solution” to Syria

Expressing concern over the US, France, and Great Britain response to the chemical attack on civilians in Syria, Russia, Turkey, and Iran met this past weekend in Moscow to try to hammer out a solution of their own. Or so they said. While Turkey welcomed the missile attack from the Western nations in response to the... Continue Reading →

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