Politics & religion DO mix, according to the New Testament

"Politics and religion don't mix," is one of the popular catch-phrases of our day. Many evangelicals have even shown disgust and have thrown up their hands in frustration at the idea of intertwining the two anymore and some go so far as to say the 1st century church and the apostles did not concern themselves... Continue Reading →

iPhone’s Siri banned from IBM’s employees over confidentiality

Siri, one of the latest popular features on Apple's iPhone, seems like a real state-of-the-art way to use a smart phone. You give an iPhone voice commands to carry out various functions. IBM, a company known to embrace technological advances, is not too keen on the function. As a matter of fact, IBM has prohibited... Continue Reading →

Parts of National Defense law blocked

The controversial National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 which was signed by the President a few months ago, was ruled on yesterday by U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest after several plaintiffs filed suit. Judge Forrest handed down an injunction preventing part of the law from being enforced. She was of the opinion that... Continue Reading →

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