Peter King disappointed by Pew Research poll of Muslims

New York Republican Congressman Peter King, who has held three U.S. House hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, expressed his disappointment with some of the findings in a recent Pew Research poll of Muslims in America. The fact that the poll shows 21% of Muslim Americans are sure that there is support for extremism... Continue Reading →

Presbyterians consider leaving PCUSA

On August 24-25, 2011 a group of Presbyterians met in Bloomington, MN to discuss the pros and cons of leaving their denomination, the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA). The group of 2,000 described themselves as conservative in comparison to the majority of their denomination who are driving the pro-gay initiatives. The PCUSA voted in May to... Continue Reading →

Operation Fast & Furious: a New World Order conception?

Operation Fast and Furious has not gotten much airplay on the evening news lately, but the investigation is continuing to highlight the corruption within the Obama Administration under Attorney General Eric Holder. Fast and Furious was an operation begun by the ATF that took place from November 2009 to January 2011. It's purpose was to... Continue Reading →

Gas diminishing in galaxies, fewer stars forming

Australia's national science agency, known as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), released findings that reveal fewer stars are being formed in the universe. Dr. Robert Braun who led the study at CSIRO compared far galaxies to closer galaxies using a radio telescope to measure light and radio waves to determine the amounts... Continue Reading →

“all things common”, not all things communism

There are two passages in Acts that liberation theologist "Bible scholars" and religious liberals of our day in seminaries and pulpits use to promote socialism as something godly. Careful study of those scriptures, however, shows that they are actually in stark contrast to the idea of communism-- 42And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and... Continue Reading →

A few unbelievable doctrines of the Mormon church

Mormonism, started by self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Smith in the early 1800s, is a religion shrouded in mystery because most of us don't know what they teach.  However, with its prominence coming to the forefront because of some famous Mormons who have been constantly paraded before us in the media, I thought it would a good... Continue Reading →

From Jerusalem with love: history of English Bibles

There are two common teachings in Christendom about when Christianity reached the British Isles. One teaching claims Pope Eleutherius took it there in 180 AD. Another teaching is that in 597 AD, St. Augustine brought Christianity to the British Isles.  However, both are simply Romish revisionist history.  Several historians prove that Christianity was spread to... Continue Reading →

An approximation of the Earth’s age

The approximate age of the Earth and universe are not difficult to figure out if one researches the Bible and reliable historical accounts. I've highlighted evidence several times at this website how accurate the Bible is spiritually, historically, and scientifically. It is a trustworthy book, a fact that stirs fear in the hearts of unbelievers,... Continue Reading →

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