Eating food offered to idols: a church celebrates Ramadan

A few years ago, I wouldn't even be mentioning this because it wouldn't have happened. A so-called "Christian" church is fixing meals for Muslims in Sacramento, California, to commemorate the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of fasting during the day, then feasting at night with a meal called iftar. So why is the... Continue Reading →

Bible critics ignore the fact history proves it’s very exact

"The Bible is a bunch of fairy tales and fiction. It's historically inaccurate." That's one of the many favorite mantras of Bible critics. However, if one were to really investigate the facts, you would find that those critics are either lying, or they are probably just repeating what they've heard from other Bible critics who... Continue Reading →

Swords into plowshares?: why the UN arms trade treaty will ultimately fail

The United Nations has a sculpture in its garden of a male ironworker with a sledgehammer pounding a sword with the inscription "We shall beat our swords into plowshares." That mantra has been one of the UN's favorites and one of its main goals since it started. We are now witnessing their attempt to make... Continue Reading →

When the enemy rejoices: a footnote to ‘Christianity in crisis’

It is a favorite pastime of unbelievers, especially atheists, to take jabs at Christians and rejoice when bad news about Christian churches comes out. They love to flock to news sites, especially Christian news sites, to leave their comments to mock, joke, and put down all things Christian. If Christians weren't around for them to attack,... Continue Reading →

More green energy dollars lost without a trace

A green energy company, which shall remain nameless by the federal government, that received about $2 billion in stimulus money has lost $500,000 worth of equipment bought with some of the stimulus money. A Dept. of Energy Inspector General report released this week said it was not going to name the company, but that the... Continue Reading →

Christianity in crisis, but reports of its death are grossly exaggerated

If you were to buy into recent headlines regarding Christianity without knowing God's word, it might just send you into a state of panic. Headlines such as "U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion at Low Point" or "Ex-Pastor Turned American Atheist Director Tells How She Lost Faith" can really bring on fear, doubt, or other negative... Continue Reading →

Top-notch colleges for homeschool graduates

Homeschooled kids are estimated at about 2 million in the U.S. and its popularity continues to grow.  Parents cite several reasons for wanting to teach their kids at home, such as they believe their kids can be better educated in the home, they want to incorporate religion into their kids' education, and they don't like... Continue Reading →

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