Is IBM-Twitter deal thoughtful business or thought manipulation via mission creep?

IBM announced recently it's tweaking its business model to focus on cloud-based services with the help of data and analytics. To get the ball rolling, they entered a partnership with Twitter to access Twitter's entire database in the same way the social media company did for MIT just weeks ago. All tweets starting with the... Continue Reading →

Purging from converging with the Emerging Church’s view of ‘God’

"Christianity in its institutional forms has really been a dualist religion, meaning always seeing the world in terms of good and evil, us and them, in and out; you know--black and white... always seeing the world in very binary terms. ...Eastern religion has held out that there's something beyond dualism." -- Brian McLaren gushing about... Continue Reading →

Shroud of Turin (Jesus ‘burial cloth’) a prop for medieval Easter ceremonies, says historian

British historian Charles Freeman claims that he has compiled all of the information he can about the Shroud of Turin and has come to the conclusion that it was just intended to be a prop for people in medieval times who celebrated Christ's resurrection on Easter, the pagan holiday. Freeman noted that the very first... Continue Reading →

Women lack leadership roles in evangelical nonprofits

Researchers at Gordon College and Wheaton College have discovered after surveying 1400 evangelical organizations that women have fewer leadership roles than their secular counterparts. While women in secular organizations make up 43% of their nonprofit boards and 40% of their CEOs overall, in the evangelical world only 21% of evangelical boards are female, 19% are... Continue Reading →

Assorted nuts & nincompoops: Shia LaBeouf finds God? Really?

In our day of easy-believism and embracing a Jesus that requires no repentance, it's no surprise that celebrities and the so-called Christians who kiss up to them for the sake of name-dropping and photo ops are really confused about who Jesus really is and what he requires of his followers. The latest example of this... Continue Reading →

Rejoicing in a clear conscience of godly simplicity and sincerity

There's nothing like being able to spend time with a genuine Christian who isn't perfect but who shows that even if they face challenges they are determined to ultimately do what pleases the Lord. Based on what we see in Paul's writings, that's the type of person he was thanks to the Lord doing mighty... Continue Reading →

Houston’s city leaders use pro-gay ordinance to demand copies of pastors’ sermons

Houston's city attorneys have assumed the role of Nazi fascists by using Houston's non-discrimination pro-gay ordinance as a basis for doling out subpoenas to several pastors throughout the city to hand their sermons and all communications with church members over to the city for inspection to see what they may have said about homosexuality, transgenders,... Continue Reading →

Obama admin’s Susan Rice shares wrong info again–this time re:Turkey

The Obama administration never seems to get enough of sticking their feet in their mouths or not verifying info before they share it or just flat out lying. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, the one who lied to us about Benghazi, showed up on NBC's "Meet the Press" and gave us a message of hope... Continue Reading →

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