China’s pride may be its downfall in the world market

Back in 1996, about 88 Haitian children died from a poisonous drug substance that was given to them.  It was traced back to China.  Then last year 100 people died in Panama from a poisonous chemical in their medicine.  The product was once again traced back to China.  Also last year 18 people in China... Continue Reading →

Resurrection originated with God, not Osiris

Christianity's concept of resurrection has often been criticized as being a knock-off of ancient Egypt's story of Osiris.  There are several versions of the mythological story of the Egyptian god Osiris, but they all pale in comparison to the truth of resurrection as told to mankind in God's word.  Satan still has access to heaven as... Continue Reading →

World Council of Churches continues anti-Israeli sentiments

The World Council of Churches (WCC), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has announced a new tactic in its ongoing "we hate Israel" campaign.  It is an organization with over 340 churches in its membership in over 100 nations.  Claiming to represent approximately 560 million "Christians" worldwide, it got its start in 1948, the same year the... Continue Reading →

Apparitions or aberrations?: the immaculate deceptions of “Virgin Mary”

The Roman Catholic church is quite crafty in its dealings both politically and religiously all over the world, whether it's out in the open or behind the scenes.  Because of their craftiness, they have been able to deceive millions into submitting to their false system of beliefs and political aspirations. One tool they often use... Continue Reading →

In case you didn’t know, Jesus is the only way to God

There are a lot of misconceptions in today's so-called Christian churches about God and how to relate to him.  I was told once by a charismatic "Assemblies of God" pastor that he never preached against Judaism or Islam because we all worship the same God.  A churchgoer told me a couple of years ago that he doesn't... Continue Reading →

Criminal enterprises from Mexico love illegal immigration

Human trafficking continues to be a popular black market industry in Mexico.  According to the Social Development and Assistance Study and Research Center, 21 of Mexico's 32 states are points of origin and destination in the trafficking of women and children who are usually poor.  Organized criminal enterprises have approximately 100,000 women and children caught up in their network of selling... Continue Reading →

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