The sin and shame of incest in society

The sin of incest has been in the headlines a lot recently because of several high profile cases and arrests.  Topping those headlines has been the Josef Fritzl case in Austria, a case which stunned the world because of the severity of the abuse suffered by Fritzl's daughter.  There is also the case of the... Continue Reading →

Recession is bringing out the worst in some people

The U.S. still may be considered a Christian nation because the majority of the people in our country call ourselves Christians, but this recession has been a test of what we really consider important.  As Jesus told us in the scriptures, no man can serve two masters.  He will either hate one and love the... Continue Reading →

Should Christians always be nice to everyone?

I've noticed throughout my adult years that followers of Christ are judged among ourselves and by unbelievers around us using what I consider to be an unfair measuring stick.  We are often considered hypocritical based on misconceptions that people have about how Jesus Christ interacted with the people of his day.  It is often assumed... Continue Reading →

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