Freemason ex-cops face criminal charges over Hillsborough soccer tragedy

Twenty-eight years after Britain's worst sports disaster at a soccer (football) stadium in Hillsborough, England, on April 15, 1989, a thorough 14-month investigation has led to six ex-cops being charged with negligence and misconduct over the senseless, avoidable deaths of 95 of 96 Liverpool fans. This is the first time any individuals have been charged... Continue Reading →

Kentucky governor signs law incorporating Bible as social studies elective

A law allowing the Bible to be included as a topic for social studies electives will take effect in Kentucky this Friday, June 30, after Kentucky's governor, Matt Bevin, signed a bill passed by both houses of the Kentucky legislature. School boards around the state will take part in helping craft curricula to establish parameters... Continue Reading →

Assumptions on Darwin’s tree of life & junk DNA unravel as science progresses

Staunch evolutionists have made assumptions since Darwin's day about what they believe they will discover to be true as scientific tools, methods, and research advance. However, as those advances have taken place, a lot of their evolutionary assumptions have proven to be way off the mark and, much to their chagrin, the newer discoveries tend... Continue Reading →

Christian school ordered to ban offensive Bible verses

The school board in the small town of Battle River, Alberta, in Canada is attempting to bully Cornerstone Christian Academy into dropping any teachings about any Bible verses that may be offensive to anyone. John Carpay, an attorney with Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, a Canadian constitutional law non-profit, is taking up the legal battle... Continue Reading →

God’s example of a deep, personal revival that really means something

When we need a personal revival and spiritual restoration in our relationship with the Lord, or if we've already experienced it and desire to maintain it, God's word is chock full of ideas for how to bring it about. In 2 Chronicles 29, we see examples of everything that is involved with or contributes to... Continue Reading →

Facebook exposes its own moderators’ IDs to terrorists

An alleged bug (intentional or mistake?) in Facebook's program exposed the identities of its moderators who were overseeing the group pages containing terrorist propaganda, sexual content, and "hate speech." The bug placed the identities of the moderators as notifications on those pages, allowing anyone with admin privileges for the pages to see who at Facebook... Continue Reading →

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